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About Granite & TREND Transformations

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Granite & TREND Transformations is recognised around the globe, throughout areas like North America, Australasia, South Africa, Europe and the Middle East. We bring affordable luxury to life through home renovations,  when people hear our name, they associate it with top-class kitchen and bathroom makeovers and high-quality materials.  Since being established in 1996, we’ve become a well-known brand and a leader in the home transformations industry, with thousands of kitchen and bathroom makeovers taking place every month.

  • Overlay Worktops
  • Replacement Doors
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms

What we Do

We create impressive granite, quartz, recycled glass and porcelain work surfaces in a variety of colours and finishes. Our authentic glass mosaics are also regularly chosen for residential, commercial and public makeover undertakings.  We are continually extending our presence globally, and therefore, increasing our facilities and workforce to cope with the escalating demand for our exclusive products.

Granite & TREND Transformations really is a one-stop-shop for everything related to kitchen and bathroom makeovers. We take sole responsibility for the design, manufacturing, distribution and installation processes. We do it to such a high standard that we offer a 10-year warranty to all customers who purchase our products.