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Our unique manufacturing process

Granite & TREND Transformations worksurfaces are made by combining the finest quality Italian granite or quartz, or eco-friendly recycled glass, with our state-of-the-art ForeverSeal® polymer technology, to produce a tough, hardwearing material.

Creating Beautiful Engineered Worktops & Surfaces

Lightweight and flexible, it offers all the aesthetics and appeal of natural surfaces like granite slab, but with the added strength and supreme practicality of a man-made composite. Our painstaking production process allows the build-up of subtle layers of colour, pattern and textures that reflect the light beautifully and create a unique look. We also introduce different fragments like mirror glass and mother of pearl, as well as colour-tinted resins, for still more luxurious effects.

How Recycled Materials become etherium® By E-stone

Our technology allows us to manufacture a unique product, the only one of its kind in the world. Engineered stone is mostly made from crushed quartz and produced by a proprietary process known as vacuum vibro-compaction. Our E-Stone plant has taken the technology to an entirely new level, using granite, quartz and post-consumer recycled materials, glass and porcelain, then forming this into  etherium® By E-stone surfaces approximately 6.7mm or quarter-inch thick, sealed and reinforced with a trademarked backing material. We use between 7% and 12% high tech polyester resin in the mix, depending on granule size and slab colour, averaging 9% across the range, which is half the proportion of many rival products.

Suitable for any Environment

As a result, our slab is thinner, lighter, stronger and flexible. It can be laid on the floor of an airport, a school, a hotel or shopping mall. Or it can be used to renovate a kitchen or bathroom. It is bendable, for curving around structural contours, and the backing can be pared away, for backlighting the slab.

At 14kg/m2 (3lbs/ft2), it is light enough for use on yachts, canal boats, cruise liners, horse boxes, RUVs, tree houses and passenger lifts, where unladen weight is critical. Yet strong enough to survive a dropped bowling ball, totally unsupported. No-one else can say all these things. Not Cambria, Zodiaq, Caesarstone, Silestone or 200 other engineered stone manufacturers. We are outnumbered by more utility products, but our quality and performance stand alone.

Slimline Profile

Unlike natural granite slab and engineered stone, our surfaces are not made in blocks and sliced to the required depth, but produced precisely 6.7mm (1/4”) thick, then sealed completely and backed with our trademark Flexiweb reinforcing mesh. This gives them greater inherent toughness and flexibility, as well as allowing attractive larger chips and granules to be incorporated without compromising tensile strength.

Mosaic Tiles

Our mosaic tiles are produced using both traditional artisan techniques and state of the art manufacturing processes and are solid coloured throughout to stop fade and shade variation through the piece. They are non-porous and have all the heat, sunlight, impact and water resistance of glass.


Our doors are made using cutting-edge production techniques, employing renewable energy sources and sustainable raw materials sourced from well-managed commercial forests. You can choose from either a durable vinyl wrapped MDF door, or from our solid ash hand painted range.

Warranty & Aftercare