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Our unique manufacturing process

Granite & TREND Transformations worksurfaces are made by combining the finest quality Italian granite or quartz, or eco-friendly recycled glass, with our state-of-the-art ForeverSeal® polymer technology, to produce a tough, hardwearing material.

Creating Beautiful Engineered Worktops and Surfaces

Our etherium® By E-stone surfaces are among the most advanced engineered surfaces available anywhere in the world, combining the very latest manufacturing techniques with an eye for beauty that easily rivals natural stone.

All of our etherium® By E-Stone surfaces, from kitchen and bathroom worktops, through to flooring, upstands and splashbacks are lightweight and flexible. They offer all the aesthetics and appeal of natural surfaces like granite and marble, but with the added strength and supreme practicality of a man-made composite.

The Seal of Quality

This unique blend comes not only from the exquisite materials and designs we use, but also how we bring all these elements together during our manufacturing process. By using our very own Foreverseal® polymer resin, a special recipe based on the same system that is used for the composite hulls of yachts and workboats, we are able to create stunning looking surfaces that boast superior strength, water-resistance and durability.

The resin acts like a fine web into which we can add a variety of materials. Our painstaking production process allows the build-up of subtle layers of colour, pattern and textures that reflect the light beautifully and create a unique look. We also introduce different fragments like mirror glass and mother of pearl, as well as colour-tinted resins, for even more luxurious effects.

As a result, our surfaces are thinner, lighter, stronger and more flexible than anything else available, making them ideal for renovating both commercial and domestic spaces.

Smarter, Better, Greener

Our innovative manufacturing processes not only transform kitchens and bathrooms into spaces of beauty and elegance, they are eco-friendly too. Our technology allows us to manufacture a uniquely sustainable product that is mostly made from crushed quartz and produced by a proprietary process known as vacuum vibro-compaction.

Our E-Stone plant has taken the technology to an entirely new level, using granite, quartz and post-consumer recycled materials, glass and porcelain. This means our manufacturing process have far less impact on the environment than traditional methods.

Learn more about our sustainable practices here.

Anti-Microbial Protection

Because we can so efficiently control every stage of manufacturing engineered surfaces from the ground up, we can also add in incredible enhancements that you would never see in natural stone. With our exclusive partnership with Microban®, we can now build incredible anti-microbial protection directly into all our etherium® By E-stone surfaces during manufacture offering an added level of defence against harmful microbes and bacteria.

Not only does this help keep your surfaces cleaner and safer than ever before, it helps them last longer too!

Find out more about built-in Microban technology here.

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