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Kitchen Appliances

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We can supply and install the kitchen appliances that will make your dream kitchen a fully functioning reality. Every appliance can be flawlessly incorporated into the flow of the design. Their quality is assured because we supply only the best products from reliable, trusted brands.


Food with family and friends is one of life’s pleasures. Whether you’re getting busy with the spices and putting together a feast of complex flavours, or rustling up a simple supper, a remodelled kitchen will make the whole cooking and dining experience more enjoyable — for everyone.

If you want to upgrade your existing oven, we can install a new one, plus a sleek state of the art induction hob and we have gas hobs covered too, along with microwaves and warming drawers — all from trusted, well-known brands.

Our cutting-edge cooking appliances are designed by the leading manufacturers for people who want eye-catching style and great results with the minimum of effort. Hi-tech LED displays and smart technology can all be incorporated for maximum ease of use and convenience.

Quite simply, we have all the ingredients needed to take your kitchen from drab to delicious.


Whiffs, wafts and steam are all part of cooking, but nobody wants the aromas and moisture to stay around for long. We offer a range of state-of-the-art extractor hoods to help clear the air and maintain a pleasant environment.

Hoods that switch on and off automatically. Extractors that pop up from your work surface. Wall-mounted hoods. Hoods for islands. Glass, stainless steel and a choice of colours — we have exactly what you need, with a range of clever tech features, so you can focus on your family, friends and food.

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Cheese with a hint of yesterday’s curry leftovers? Or jerk chicken flavoured yogurt? Not with a cooling system that prevents odours mixing, optimises the temperature and maximises humidity.

Keeping food fresher for longer and preserving the individual flavours is easy with our range of state-of-the-art refrigerators. Maximise storage capacity, take advantage of the latest technology and choose from a range of established and reliable manufacturers for peace of mind.

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Washing & Drying

You provide the mountain of laundry: we’ll provide the perfect washer-dryer to get it clean and fresh again.

Filthy football kit needed in no time? Favourite jeans and top wanted for another night out? Busy families always need clean clothes double quick, so our range includes the latest planet-friendly appliances that deliver maximum performance in minimal time.

And, if you want an all-singing-all-dancing washer-dryer that whispers its way quietly through all its cycles, just say the word.

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Love cooking, hate clearing up? Put the rubber gloves away and let one of the latest dishwashers serve up sparkling clean and dry dishes in no time.

People have been enjoying the convenience of dishwashers for quite a few years. Now they come with even better cleaning powers and improved water-saving capabilities.

Look forward to loading up and walking away while it goes into action and gets things done — from the dirtiest dish to the stickiest teaspoon.

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