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Built-in Waste Solutions

Did you know?

The average waste bin is opened 32 times per day and is the most hard-working piece of equipment in the kitchen.

The humble waste bin is now considered to be a crucial part when planning a kitchen. Waste bins needs to be strong, sturdy and guaranteed for life – giving you peace of mind that the product will last the whole life-span of the kitchen.

Taking responsibility and protecting the environment

On average, households in England generate 500kg waste per year, which all needs to be collected, sorted and disposed of. Well-organised waste separation means that the different materials can be recycled as valuable raw materials and fed back into a cycle that protects our environment, whilst also noticeable reducing the cost of waste disposal.

The Benefits

The ECO-top built-in waste bin sit neatly in kitchen units and remove unsightly, traditional free-standing bins from you and your guests’ view, making your kitchen area a great space to entertain in! Having considered and robust waste solution take all the stress out of household waste management.

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