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Cabinet Door Lift Systems

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Nothing finishes off a modern-styled kitchen more perfectly than electric lift systems. With our AVENTOS range of lift systems, you can achieve top-quality motion and easy opening even with large and heavy cabinet fronts.

Assisted Lift with Soft Close

Carefully designed lift technology makes it easy to open even large cabinet fronts with little effort. Soft-close technology protects your cabinets so that your doors shut softly no matter how hard you slam them. You can even add SERVO-DRIVE to have your cabinets open on their own with a single touch.

Access without Disruption

With cabinet-front lifts, you can leave your cabinets open for easy access without impeding the use of your kitchen. Traditional cabinet doors open outward, making them a hazard to leave open. With lift systems, you can have full access at all times, without the risk of hitting your head.

Handless Finish

Thanks to our skilled installers, large fronts can be installed with only a thin gap between each door. AVENTOS means you can have a continuous, handless cabinets across your kitchen- the perfect finishing touch for a modern design.