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Kitchen Corner Units

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In every kitchen there are hard-to-reach corners that go empty and unused. But you can maximise your kitchen’s efficiency with our Magic Corner Comfort and Fluid Corner carousel systems, giving you easy access to every nook & cranny of your kitchen’s storage potential. Turn your awkward kitchen corners into organised storage with our corner units that utilise clever drawer technology to swing out fully and give you access to every corner of your cabinets.

Smooth, Uninterrupted Movement

These adjustable shelves glide out smoothly to give you easy access to every corner of your kitchen. With adjustable heights and a 25kg weight limit, Fluid Corner carousel units allow you to store anything you might need. Plus, their removable anti-slip matts mean your belongings won’t slide around when using the corner system.

Clear Overview

The Magic Corner system allows you to pull individual shelves out for easy loading and unloading. Just open the door and pull on the handle to get access from three sides. Plus, with height-adjustable  front shelves you can customise your storage to fit your larger items. They can even be removed entirely for easy cleaning.