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Drawers might not be the first thing you think of when you look to renovate your kitchen. But your drawers can often be the thing you interact with most often in your kitchen and getting high-quality, smooth and sleekly-designed drawer boxes can transform an awkward kitchen experience into one that flows.

Slimline Profile

The LEGRABOX drawer slides blend in perfectly with all styles of kitchen thanks to their slim profiles. These drawer boxes are straight inside and out and come in at just 12.8mm.

Enhanced Runners

The smooth quality of motion makes something as simple as opening a drawer into a luxurious experience. The LEGRABOX cabinet profile uses a newly designed runner system that is long-lasting and smooth.

Designed for Heavy Loads

Even fully-extended, the LEGRABOX drawers have smooth running motion for heavy laden boxes. LEGRABOX drawers can support carrying capacities of 40 and 70kg.

High Front Stability

The newly designed type of front fixing bracket ensures a high level of stability that allows for high fronted designs to be as strong and stable as possible.