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Kitchen Appliances

Updating your kitchen with new worksurfaces and doors can give it an amazing better than new look, but why not go the whole way and update your appliances too. We offer a full range of the latest top-brand appliances that will really complete the job.

Ovens and Hobs

Kitchens have become the focal point of every household. It’s where the family gathers as well as the engine room that keeps everyone fed and watered. Part workspace and part recreation room, it needs to be both functional, practical and somewhere everyone can enjoy being together.

When it comes to cooking, we have the perfect recipe to making your life easier. From the latest labour-saving self-cleaning ovens, super-smart gas and induction hobs to labour-saving microwaves and handy plate-warming drawers.

Extractor Fans

Everyone loves the smell of a delicious dinner cooking in the kitchen, but you don’t want them wafting their way into the bedroom. Extractor fans help to reduce cooking odours and make sure they don’t overstay their welcome. The latest models incorporate hi-tech features that will fit in with any design and keep your home smelling sweet.

Select from a wide range of styles in glass, stainless steel or colour-matched to your units. Features include pop-ups, auto on/offs, turbo boost and whisper quiet hoods or island unit chimneys. Whatever style your kitchen, we’ve got a model that fit in without standing out.


Food chilling technology has moved on a lot in recent years and chances are your current fridge or fridge/freezer isn’t as efficient as it could be. The latest models not only help to keep your food fresher for longer but also use less energy in the process.

Smart fridges now connect with your phone to keep you updated on supply stocks, have built-in drink chillers and can even help with recipe ideas and shopping lists.

Make the most of this opportunity to bring your food storage equipment up to date and enjoy the benefits.


If yours is like most homes, your washing machine is probably the last thing you think abut. It sits in the corner and gets on with the job, week in, week out. But is it doing it as efficiently as it should be? Or even as it used to?

Now is the perfect time to think about updating your machine to one of the latest models. You’ll find they not only do the job a lot more efficiently and quietly, but they’re more eco-friendly too, using less water, energy and detergent.

Maybe it’s time for a clean break?


Remember when the end of the meal was always decided by the question of whose turn it was to do the washing up and the kids making a fast exit? Or is that still the case?

Investing in a dishwasher will not only make mealtimes a lot more fun and get the dishes sparkling clean effortlessly, it will make your life a whole lot easier. And if you’ve already made the move to dishwasher wonderland, maybe it’s time to consider updating to one of the latest models.

Quicker, quieter and far more energy-efficient, we have built-in, free-standing and space-saving models that will fit in with any kitchen design.

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