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Granite and Quartz Overlays

Our unique overlay worktops are the quickest and easiest way to give your kitchen the makeover you’ve always wanted. Simply fitting on top of your existing surface, they can be installed in as little as a day. And because they’re tailor-made and prefabricated in our own factory, we keep the mess out of your home and disruption to a minimum.

They’re also available in a huge range of colours and patterns to suit every taste and style – from classic to contemporary. Play it cool or go big and bold. Whatever you style, we can help you make it happen.

How our Worktop Overlays work

Why rip out your old cabinets if you don’t have to? Make your makeover easier and hassle-free. Our granite and quartz overlay worktops simply fit on top of your existing surfaces, firmly bonded in place for a permanent, luxury finish. Quick, simple and free from all the usual mess and disruption. With a choice of granite, quartz, post-consumer recycled glass finishes in a wide array of colours and styles, your dream kitchen could be fitted in as little as one day.

Forever beautiful with ForeverSeal™

All our worktops come with our exclusive Foreverseal™ guarantee, ensuring that they are non-porous and incredibly resilient against stains. Our worktops not only look beautiful but also require minimal maintenance, as they never need to be resealed. We take great care and expertise in strengthening and sealing them with Foreverseal™.


Say goodbye to ugly watermarks with kitchen and bathroom worktops that can stand the test of time.

Heat Resistant

No more burns from those hot pots and pans! Our worktops can handle the heat of the kitchen more than any other.

Stain Resistant

No more unsightly stains from spills! Simply wipe away as part of your normal cleaning, and enjoy fresh looking surfaces for longer.

Impact Resistant

So that even the busiest of kitchens and bathrooms will look great for years to come. No cracks, no dents – just great looking worktops!

Scratch Resistant

All of our worktops are made from a tough, polymer resin which keeps those little nicks and scratches from every day use at bay.

Purpose Made

What makes our worktops so special? In a word: simplicity. We tailor-make each and every one by hand to make sure it’s a perfect fit and then we simply fix it on top of your existing work surface. You get a complete new luxury look and a permanent surface that will keep its looks for years to come. In fact, we guarantee it with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

And because our etherium® By E-Stone material is only 6mm thick, it’s easier to handle and faster to fit. There’s no demolition, no drama, minimal mess and noise – and it’s all done and dusted, usually within a day.

Our Collection

We offer a wide range of worktops in colours and styles to suit every taste. Whether your design demands a traditional marble-style finish, a modern flat-matt or hi-gloss black with a touch of sparkle, you’ll find something to take it to the next level.

In addition to a wide selection of granite and quartz worktops, our collection includes surfaces with flecks of mirror-or-mother of pearl shell. We also have a ranges that use post-consumer recycled glass for extra shine and interest.

Whatever you choose, we also have an extensive range of solid wood replacement door and drawer styles to complement the look, including some that can be painted to match your colour scheme precisely. We’ll be happy to take you through the options available and help you choose the right combination.

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Next Steps

Find out more about our full range of overlay worktops at Granite & TREND Transformations Banbridge or request a brochure for more inspirational ideas.

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