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We do not just specialise in making your house more beautiful,
we can work wonders on your mobile home or caravan too!

Here at the Granite & TREND Transformations showroom in Maidstone, we pride ourselves on helping customers realise their kitchen and bathroom makeover ambitions. When we were recently approached by Hartridge Farm Mobilehome Park to help renovate one of their mobile homes, we leapt at the chance to use our signature creativity and flair to work on something truly special.

One of the major things that really sets us apart here at Granite & TREND is that most of our products are designed to be installed without the need for removing the old fixtures and fittings. From worktops to flooring, everything we do is focused around the idea of making over rather than starting over, meaning you can achieve your dream new look without all the hassle, cost and disruption of a completely new build.

In many ways, this is ideal for park and mobile homes, where heavy construction is just not an option. After all, if you’re surfaces and fittings are still perfectly sound, why replace them when they can be refaced instead? With our innovative Top that Fits on Top, and range of replacement cupboard doors and handles, you’ll hardly believe you are still looking at the same room – and it can all be installed in as little as one day!

Worktops & Replacement Doors

Designing a Home

For the kitchen worktops, we used the elegant Statuario to give them a bright and fresh new feel. It is one of our most popular options, giving an authentic and durable quartz worktop effect. Can you believe that these brand new worktops simply fitted directly over the old ones?

To compliment this bright new look, we used the Bella Palermo in Matt Stone Grey to replace the old-fashioned looking pine finish that had lost its shine. This was further enhanced with the Slim D Handles made from stainless steel. The old units are still in place, we just gave them a new lease of life with a brand new look!

Finishing Touches

Picking out Accessories

For the finishing touches, we added a Blanco zia XL 6s Tartufo sink with matching Blanco Peak PK470 Tartufo taps, part of our extensive range of appliances and accessories.

Adapted to your Needs

Fitting Any Environment

While the park homes at Hartridge Farm are already in a stunning location, and are usually fixed, the same magic can be applied to any kind of mobile residence. After all, there’s no reason why the kitchen or bathroom in your mobile home should be any less beautiful than any other. The same applies to smaller kitchens and bathrooms in caravans and camper vans. Even when you’re on the move, they are your most important rooms!

Welcome Home

The Finished Product

So, whether you are an intrepid traveller, an ageing hippie, or just someone who likes all the comforts of home while they explore the glorious British countryside, Granite & TREND Transformations is the smarter way to renovate.

We’re very happy with the quality of our countertop and it’s admired by everyone.


Everyone very professional courteous to ensure that we received a first class job.


Why not schedule a free, no obligation, online consultation today and see what our expert design team can do for you? It’s a simple as requesting a call back to set a time that suits you, or popping in for a chat in our Maidstone showroom, located in the Newnham Court Shopping Village just off Junction 7 of the M20.
If you’re really keen, why not bring your mobile home or caravan with you? We’d love to take a look!

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Before and After

See more of our make-overs in our Before & After gallery. By simply changing your worktop, doors and handles you can transform your kitchen or bathroom. With our quick installation products you can makeover your home in as little as one day.

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