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Brightening up your Kitchen with New Worktops

The Brief

The team at TREND Transformations Maidstone were recently contacted by a customer who was unhappy with their current kitchen, due to how outdated the worktops and tiles were. They wanted to have brighter surfaces than what they currently had, and also for their kitchen to be lighter in general, brighter worktops would surely assist this. By using Hydra White Worktops and Splashbacks, the team at TREND Transformations Maidstone were able to bring the customers vision to life.

How did they find us?

The customer found TREND Transformations Maidstone through a recommendation from a friend who had replaced their doors with the team a year earlier. They also decided that they wanted to go with a local company.

Designing a new Kitchen

When the initial planning was taking place, the customer told the TREND Transformation Maidstone team that they were interested in making their kitchen both lighter and brighter, as their current kitchen was dark and gloomy. They showed the team a few of the worktops that they were interested in, the Perla Bianca and Hydra White to add some brightness to their kitchen space.

The customer decided that our Hydra White Worktop would work better than the Perla Bianca when having a look through how both of them would look in their kitchen. They also initially only wanted their tops and splashbacks changed but they also ended up covering their windowsills.

Minor Tweaks make all the Difference

The TREND Transformation Maidstone team went for switching up the worktop, splashback and windowsill for the customer, in sticking to the brief, they made the kitchen brighter with just a few minor tweaks here and there to give the customer the desired end product.

Customer Feedback

The customer advised the TREND Transformation Maidstone team that they will be happy to use them again in the future when they decide that it is time to replace their kitchen doors to match their new lighter kitchen feel.

The customer said that the transformation was amazing and completed so quickly and efficiently. The new worksurfaces are stunningly sleek and elegant.

If you want to update your kitchen the easy way, request a brochure to learn more about our superior surfaces and speedy installation.