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Case Study

Creating a Bespoke Garden Office with The Top that Fits on Top

TREND Transformations Maidstone were recently approached by a customer who wanted to create a brand-new office in his back garden. Andy had explored ‘standard’ home office kits but wasn’t satisfied and contacted the team at TREND Transformations Maidstone about creating something bespoke and versatile to suite his requirements.

TREND Transformations Maidstone’s work surfaces offered the chance to create a beautiful curved floating desk with waterfall ends that looked like solid granite but had all the benefits of our engineered stone: scratch, stain and mould resistance (plus more advantages) on top of a kitchenette/bar and fully fitted luxury bathroom (complete with bath, shower and toilet).

Andy custom designed and built his own shed structure to fix the problems that prebuilt options couldn’t. Then our Maidstone team created and fitted his beautiful bespoke desk, kitchenette bar with waterfall edge and full luxury bathroom. In 2011, Andy’s shed was runner up for Shed of the Year.

Sustainable Surfaces

Picking the Perfect Materials

This one-of-a-kind project required specific materials to bring the clients vision to life. The team at TREND Transformations Maidstone used Hydra White to create Andy’s one-of-a-kind desk as well as the kitchenette and bar. The team used a Royal Ivory to fit out the luxury bathroom. These eco-conscious worktops are made from a mixture of quartz, recycled glass and other sustainable materials, creating a surface that’s incredibly versatile without sacrificing luxury design.

Custom Design

Creating the Floating Desk

To create the centre piece of this project the team at TREND Transformations used materials from their catalogue to design and a visually appealing “floating desk”. The desk is visibly supported by just one single leg that also provides decorative shelf space. This design and installation set new standards in how the product can be used. The end result exceeded all expectations and provided a practical, aesthetically pleasing workspace that looks as if it has been carved from solid granite.


Andy’s Thoughts

Andy felt the options out there had little to offer him: “Standard home office kits offered plenty of scope, provided all you wanted was a glorified shed.”. With the luxury options being pricier than the office rental he was trying to avoid, he decided to design and build the shed himself. When it came time to add the desk, waterfall kitchen worktop and bathroom cabinets he came to TREND Transformations Maidstone. “This gave me the opportunity to really put their composite granite surfaces to the test.”

“[The desk] is purposely built-in and contoured to give it a softer, more organic appearance. The floating desk is designed as a single unobstructed run, visibly supported by just one single leg that also provides decorative shelf space. With tight sweeping curves and ergonomic shaping, it was a challenging task for the fitters that set new standards in how the product can be used.”

”The end result is a practical, aesthetically pleasing workspace that looks as if it has been carved from solid granite ‘a real work of art and an instant conversation piece.”

Andy’s custom designed & built shed in Loudwater, Hertfordshire ticks all his boxes: “a self-contained office, home cinema, bar, party area, summer house – and still fit visually within the garden space” with TREND Transformations supplying the kitchen worktop, bathroom fitting and bespoke desk.

If you’re looking for help with your own project, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom or something more custom, Granite & TREND Transformation’s expert fitters and highly customisable products can help you achieve the dream look your going for.

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