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Creating a Sophisticated Space for a Private Residence

Designing a Modern Space

This client wanted a clean, fresh-looking bathroom that maximised the light in the room for this private residence. Metallic effect tiles were a perfect solution to reflect the light and make a spacious bathroom. With our range of luxury products, Granite & TREND Transformations managed to create a modern yet timeless space.

Polar Ice quartz etherium® By E-Stone surfaces in tile and large sheet formats was used for the main flooring, bath panels, shower liner and integrated seat, with Trend Vitreo 160 white 2cm square semi-transparent glass mosaic tiles chosen for the flat walls and shower flooring, where the textured surface and frequent grout lines provide extra slip resistance. Around the room at window ledge height, there is a slim accent line, which is crafted from precious 1cm square Aureo 026 White Gold mosaics. This silver accent is taken up dramatically by Trend’s inimitable Liberty Diamond designer mosaic, its characteristic irregular hand-cut shapes, contrasting textures and shimmering diamond brilliance giving the room a distinctive contemporary look.