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Designing a Tranquil Spa Experience with Glass Mosaics

Schön Beauty & Relaxation at Poole Audi wanted to create an experience for their clients whilst they waited for work to be carried out on their vehicles. Treatment rooms had been created for customers to relax in a tranquil area of the showroom. The treatments, complimentary to Audi customers, was currently taking place in treatment rooms that did not have the peaceful and relaxing ambiance wanted by the customer.

Designing a Relaxing Environment

To create the spaces wanted, Poole based business, Schön Beauty & Relaxation, contacted us to design and install our high-quality replacement worktops. The initial vision for the project was to create a calming space through the use of colour. After research and decisions on the best colours to use, mosaics of soft, warming hues of pink, amber and brown were chosen for their calming atmosphere in the studio. These colours also complimented the surrounding walls and created a luxurious, calming environment for the clients.

Choosing the Materials

The centrepiece of this design is a custom 1x1cm CAD mosaic decoration depicting a close up of an eye adorns the wall of one of the treatment rooms. The design creates an idea of relaxation, allowing clients to remain undisturbed while waiting for the repairs to take place.

The Finished Look

The dramatic burnt orange, red and grey veining running through the quartz and recycled glass marble creates subtle colours that compliment the mosaic installation. The low upkeep of our overlay worktops are perfect for the customer, allowing them to focus on the experience of their customers. The update took only two and a half days in total, leaving the client able to use their new space almost immediately.

After the pleasant experience and the impressive quality of the products, Schön Beauty & Relaxation at Poole Audi is now planning to update their utility room as well.