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Fitting a New Kitchen Worktop & Preventing Water Damage

The team at TREND Transformations were recently contacted by a client who was struggling with keeping their wooden kitchen worktop clean. Their existing kitchen counter was displaying tell-tale signs of continuous water damage to the point where a replacement was needed. Fortunately, the experienced team at TREND Transformations were available to assist with the finding and fitting of a new kitchen worktop that aligned with the client’s tastes while remaining impervious to water damage.


How did they hear about us?

We came into contact with the client when they visited their local TREND Transformations showroom. They were impressed with the aesthetics of our recycled glass worktop overlays while appreciating the numerous practical benefits of having one in their kitchen. At the top of this list was the reduced hassle of these overlays, which can be easily cleaned and maintained without having to worry about water damage eroding away their elegant look. Ultimately, the decision to go with TREND Transformations was an easy one. They scheduled a home visit, and we were ready to provide guidance on achieving a more practical kitchen work surface.

The Plan

At TREND Transformations, we make sure to provide clients with tailored recommendations for products that will best complement existing designs and colour schemes. This bespoke service was crucial when our expert team of fitters visited the client’s home. Initially, they were looking primarily at grey colours for their new worktop. However, during the home consultation, it quickly became apparent that a lighter colour would better integrate with their existing tiling. Upon relaying our suggestion, we helped identify Royal Ivory as a more complimentary colour for a new kitchen worktop overlay. With the design finalised, it was time to get to work.

Getting to Work

Our expert team quickly began by removing the old water-damaged wooden worktop before installing the agreed-upon Royal Ivory worktop overlay. During installation, the client expressed an interest in also replacing the wood end panels for a completely cohesive final design. Upon hearing this, we suggested adding Royal Ivory Waterfall Ends. The client was delighted with this suggestion and agreed for the additional work to be carried out. Once all the work was finished, we were pleased to present the client with an elegant kitchen worksurface completely free from the threat of water damage anytime in the future.

We are delighted with the new worktops we have just had installed over our old ones. Sam was very friendly efficient and tidy and explained the process and the product very well.