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Case Study

Creating Eye-Catching Hotel Entrance Glass Mosaics

The Trend Group were recently contacted by G & V Royal Mile Hotel, Edinburgh who were looking for practical yet stylish entrance pieces that matched the design of features throughout the hotel, the final products were custom made floor to ceiling vases.

The eye-catching floor-to-ceiling vases were constructed using 1x1cm Black and White mosaics as well as monochromatic glass mosaic striped decoration that flanked the entrance doors of the G & V Royal Mile Hotel. The hand-cut mosaics were created by an artist and used to clad the vases. CAD technique mosaic design was used to make the design wrapping the entrance windows.

The final products installed by the Trend Group encompassed the existing designs used throughout the hotel while providing a unique and jaw dropping entrance for hotel guests. The Installation and design teams at Granite And Trend Transformations thrive on projects like this as it allows us to create something that has never been seen before.

For more information on our design and installation services contact your local Granite And Trend Transformations show room. One of our team would be delighted to assist you. And for more information on our full range of glass mosaics click here.

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