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Kitchen Redesign Project: Adding More Space to a New Build Property

The team at Granite & TREND Transformations were recently contacted by a client wishing to breathe new life into their cooking space with a kitchen redesign project tailored to their tastes and specifications. Having moved into their new build home five years ago, the client was looking to change up the colour scheme of their kitchen doors and laminate worktop while fixing issues with their fridge/freezer doors not opening fully. With our extensive range of colourful kitchen doors and worktop overlays, Granite & TREND Transformations were all too happy to help.


How did they hear about us?

The client saw an advert for Granite & TREND Transformations on Facebook and subsequently decided to check out our website. They were particularly interested in how our expert team would be able to change the colour of both cabinet doors and the worktop without having to rip out the entire kitchen. The client had a negative experience in their previous home where a renovation led to them being without a kitchen for two weeks and didn’t want that situation to repeat itself. With our focus on minimising disruption, Granite & TREND Transformations was the go-to choice for a seamless kitchen renovation.

The Kitchen Design

While the client’s initial enquiry was limited to changing their kitchen’s colour scheme, it quickly became apparent that storage was limited in the current design and that the location of the fridge freezer was causing some issues. We saw how the client would benefit from tailored storage solutions that would maximise both the kitchen’s space and overall utility. To this end, we suggested expanding the kitchen by changing from an L to a U-shaped design.

Getting to Work

We began by moving the existing fridge freezer before inserting additional units in the captivating Supermatt Sage Green colour. These additional units effectively increased storage while allowing for an expanded work surface and full-height splashback featuring our premium White Star Quartz worktop. While the client was initially only interested in a standard upstand, they were so impressed by the proposed transformation that the decision to upgrade to a full-height splashback was an easy one. To cap it all off, our team noticed during the templating stage that easier corner cupboard access could be achieved through the addition of a ‘magic corner’. With this last finishing touch, Granite & TREND Transformations managed to deliver yet another successful kitchen redesign project tailored to the budget and specifications of our client. But don’t just take our word for it.

What the Client Thought of the Kitchen Redesign

“We are absolutely delighted with our new kitchen. The colour combination of the Sage Green doors and White worktops is fantastic. The additional workspace is really useful. Adding new units has created a much bigger space than we originally expected which is a real bonus. We absolutely love our transformed kitchen and cannot thank Granite & TREND Transformations enough!”

This kitchen makeover is a perfect example of how a little bit of love and attention can transform a space. The new cabinets, countertops, and appliances make the kitchen feel like a whole new space. Looking to give your kitchen a makeover? Book a free consultation with our kitchen design experts today! We’re ready to help you create a beautiful and functional kitchen that you’ll love for years to come