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Sarah Beeny chooses long-lasting, sustainable beauty

To create the perfect country retreat with Granite & TREND Transformations

If you watched Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country recently on Channel 4, you will know that the property expert and her family swapped London life for a new start on a 220-acre, semi-derelict former dairy farm in Somerset. With plans to update it into a modern, stately home, they turned to Granite & TREND to help them transform their dreams into reality.
It’s not the first time Sarah has worked with us. Back in 2019, we helped her to transform a 250 square foot apartment, and also helped her adapt her extraordinary property in East Yorkshire, Rise Hall, to work as a traditional country house venue. As a skilled interior designer, Sarah appreciates the quality and ease that Granite & TREND Transformation can bring to giving any space an incredible new look and style.

The Dairy Farm Before

Her newest project was certainly a challenge. Sarah wanted to do everything she could to preserve the magic and rustic charm that first attracted her to the property while still giving it a modern look which could withstand all the rigours of busy family life. With our innovative worktops and surfaces that can be installed without the need for damaging and time-consuming construction work, we were the perfect choice.


Choosing the Surfaces

For her kitchen and bathroom surfaces, Sarah chose beautiful, quartz and marble effect surfaces which wonderfully captured the natural light coming through the house’s large windows. However, instead of a solid piece of marble or granite, she opted for engineered stone from our etherium® By E-stone Trascenda® range. Our surfaces not only capture all the elegance of traditional stone, but are also more durable and long-lasting.

We have worked with Granite & TREND Transformations for years and have always been impressed with the durability of their products. The problem with other more natural worktops is that they are easily marked, with oil, wine, curry etc

Creating a Sustainable Home

Author of Green Your Home: Your Guide to Eco-friendly Renovation and Repairs, Sarah Beeny is also a keen advocate of sustainable solutions to making your home more beautiful, another key factor in choosing Granite & TREND Transformations for her project. All of our etherium® By E-stone surfaces are made from up to 72% recycled materials, and every stage of our service, from manufacture to installation, is designed to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Engineered stone is a hard-wearing, more affordable, and visually consistent option. You can have a clean worktop that actually stays clean! 10, 15 years down the line, it will still look brand new.

When it comes to your kitchen, the most important thing is that you use a product that is sustainable. I really like these worktops as they are made from a recycled waste product.

Environmentally, they are much better than a big slab of marble, but they also have longevity of design. They are classic and will never go out of fashion!

We hope that Sarah and her family enjoy their new home as much we loved helping them to transform it!

If you’re interested in transforming your kitchen or bathroom, you can find out more by requesting a brochure.