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Kitchen Storage Solutions

Not too long ago, kitchen storage was more about finding room for food than it was equipment. Some plates, cutlery and a few pots and pans seemed to be enough. But modern living means we now fill our cupboards with enough cookware and accessories to run a small restaurant!

Labour-saving devices may help to make our lives easier, but every year they seem to take up more and more space. It doesn’t matter how large or small your kitchen is or how many cupboards you’ve got, finding a home for everything can be a real challenge.

No-one wants to clutter up their beautiful new worktops with equipment and maximising use of storage space is a key element of any kitchen makeover. At Granite Transformations Derby, we know a thing or two about storage and can help you find the right solutions for your kitchen.

Why Granite Transformations Derby have got storage sorted

We’ve installed kitchens in every conceivable kind of property – from country houses to city flats and high-rises to bungalows. Every installation comes with its own unique problems and needs. Space is always at a premium and the rule of thumb seems to be that more you have, the more ways you’ll find to fill it!

Today’s kitchens are full of handy devices that we all take for granted. Unfortunately, they come in all shapes and sizes, and all take up valuable space. Food processors, juicers, coffee grinders, scales, whisks and all the accessories that go with them can be difficult to find room for. It’s not just bulky items either, there are all the little things that seem to take over drawer space – pizza cutters, zesters, chopsticks, skewers, garlic presses, the list goes on.

We understand and have made it our mission to find practical answers to storing all shapes and sizes of gadgets, gizmos, and equipment.

Organising your kitchen is about more than just hiding everything away behind closed cupboard doors. You need to make it work for you, so the things you use most often are easily to hand. Clever storage also means you don’t have to empty half your cupboards to find that super-size casserole you only use when extra guests turn up unexpectedly.

We’ve searched out the best and smartest storage solutions that make the most of every available inch of available space, from simple drawer organisers to bottle racks. Think corner cupboards with carousel shelves that slide smoothly out or rotate so you can get to those things at the back, or cantilevered shelves that drop down to make high places easier to reach. We’ve got full-depth pantry shelves, slimline slide-out shelves for packets and jars, deep pan drawers, built-in chopping blocks, drawers in drawers, pan racks, plate stacks, wine racks – everything you need to keep your new kitchen completely organised and clutter-free.

Large, medium or bijou, we can help you find a neat solution for your kitchen that will help you keep everything in order.

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