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Bathroom Style Ideas

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Think luxurious and elegant bathrooms are only realistic on TV design shows or at 5-star hotels? Think again!

Your bathroom can – and should – be so much more than just a functional space. Modern bathroom design ideas and innovative materials mean that transforming your bathroom into an elegant and modern haven which perfectly marries practicality and luxury has never been more achievable. From simple refreshes and clever designs tweaks, through to complete floor-to-ceiling transformations, there’s no reason you can’t have it all!

So, how can you make it happen? How do you turn that dream bathroom into a reality?

At Granite & TREND Transformations, we know there is never one single way of doing things when it comes to helping our customers create the perfect living space anywhere in their home. Long before we even get our measuring tapes out, a huge part of our process is working with you on your own unique, design journey – helping you decide what’s right for you and your space, and creating a stunning new look that is as unique as you are.

However, here as some top, on-trend modern bathroom design ideas to help get your creative juices flowing!

Sleek & Minimalist

A great choice if you have lots of natural light and space you want to show off, though it can work extremely well in smaller bathrooms, too, with careful planning.

Light surfaces and clean lines rule here, with granite, quartz or recycled glass overlays matching pale or pastel cabinet doors and flooring to create a calming, soothing elegance. For both large and small spaces, good cupboard space and excellent storage solutions can help you keep the room clutter free, light, and airy. Complete the look with some granite, quartz, or recycled glass floor tiles.

For some simple extra touches, you might want to add some pale, or even translucent, glass tiles, or opt for a complementary colour in simple lines which can help define the shape of the space.

Bright & Bold

If you want to feel invigorated and enlivened every time you step into your bathroom, then a more colourful mix may be exactly what you’re after. Or maybe you’ve just got back from your summer holidays and want to recreate some of that tropical sunshine feel in your own home? Having a bathroom that makes you feel like you are having a luxury experience in your own personal paradise could be exactly the lift you need.

Then, don’t be afraid to go bold! Match marble effect overlay worktops with bright cabinet colours, and then go all out with some funky tiling. Different coloured glass mosaics can also add some magical effects, scattered around to reflect the light in just the right way, or even as full walls above your bath or in your shower. With hundreds of colour combos to choose from you can create something totally customizable – even recreating the colours of a tropical beach or rainforest.

Coastal Chic

Carrying on the holiday theme, or just opting for a truly timeless design style that never really seems to go out of fashion. Cool, calming and refreshing, the mix of rustic elements and modern bathroom design techniques can really make your bathroom feel like you’ve just come in from the beach after another wonderful day. Recycled glass overlays for your counters add a light sparkly feel which can brighten any room, and excellent use of warm coloured mosaic tiles reflecting an aged brick feel, merging both the classic and the modern.

Different shades of light blues and greens for your cabinet doors really add to the vibe. Shaker-style replacement cupboard doors could also be an excellent choice for bringing a more organic and classical feel to the space. Don’t forget what’s behind those doors, too, though – clever storage solutions will help free up space in the rest of the room for some cool beach or nautical themed objets d’art!

Not sure what’s right for you?

No problem! We’re all about helping you discover the perfect new look. It all begins with a free, no obligation home consultation where your local design consultant can guide you through a variety of options, show you a range of products, and explain exactly how to turn your vision into a reality.

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