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Seasonal Kitchen Ideas

Spring Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Recreate the joys of spring in your kitchen

With the right kitchen makeover design ideas, you can capture all the magic of this most special of seasons in your home all year round.

How does it make you feel when you step outside on that first beautiful spring day of the year? Well, wouldn’t it be great to have that same feeling every time you step into your kitchen? It could be a lot easier to achieve than you think. So, how exactly can you go about translating that feeling of joy into a kitchen makeover?

Well, what are the things you notice when you step out on that special spring day? Chances are it’s sunshine, leaves, flowers. in other words, colour and light! Which is exactly where you should start when deciding how to transform your kitchen. Choosing the right colour scheme, in particular, is undoubtedly the single most important decision you will need to make when it comes to planning a kitchen makeover.

There’s a lot of different ways to use colour to full effect, but we recommend focusing your attention on the most powerful way you can change the feel and vibe of your space: pairing colours on new kitchen worktops and replacement cupboard doors. Not only do worktops and cupboard doors represent the majority of the surface area in your kitchen, and so play the biggest role in defining how your space looks, but they are also very easy to swap out for something exciting and new.

Our overlay worktops are designed to quickly and easily fit over your existing worktops without the need to remove the old ones, and our replacement cupboard are made to measure offset and swapped with your old ones in minutes. So, forget the usual mess, stress and disruption that usually comes with a refurb. Everything we do here at Granite & TREND Transformations is designed to make kitchen makeovers a joy, not a chore, meaning there is absolutely no need to hold back when imagining what your new kitchen could look like – we can make it happen!

So, what colour combinations can help you recreate that spring vibe?

Well, you may want to consider a lighter coloured worktop, but then pair it with something more bold. Greens and blues are an obvious choice and the perfect reflection of earth and sky, but so are bolder colours such as oranges and yellows which can be beautifully combined to create the sensation of sunshine and warmth. However, there really are no rules when it comes to how you want to makeover your kitchen.

So, why not try out some different and interesting colour combos on our 3D Design Tool first? You can create a space that closely matches your own and play with as many combinations as you like. It’s very easy and fun to use, and is a great way to discover new possibilities you may never have thought of before.

Another great way to discover what works for you is to create a mood board. Anytime you see a colour you like, cut it out of a magazine or save it on your computer, and then use that as a central piece to build different colours around it and see what works. Not just nice designs and colours you see, but also natural springs colours such as flowers and landscapes which give you that same feeling you are trying to recreate. This is not only fun but will also allow you to visually match up different and interesting colour pairs. Basically, it’s the home design equivalent of a scrap book, and well worth a try!

Of course, you don’t need to go for a complete kitchen renovation in order to change things up a bit. There are plenty of smaller touches which can make a huge difference. Glass mosaic tiles could be perfect if you want to go for some artistic flair, not to mention something that will help reflect the light. Even improving your cupboard storage can help by creating a better sense of light and space by minimising clutter, and freeing up your worktops for floral displays or other centrepieces which remind you of spring. Really, the sky’s the limit!

Need some more inspiration? Take a look at some of our before and after galleries, or download our free style guide. Alternatively, why not start playing around with some exciting colour combos on our nifty 3D Design Tool?