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Utility room makeover ideas

Use our unique designs and products to turn this often forgotten space into one of your favourite places!

Utility rooms rarely get the love they deserve, and you might be amazed at just how beautiful these rooms can become with the right design elements. They are often one of the most hard-working rooms in your home, second only to the kitchen when it comes to taking on a huge variety of roles. Laundry room, storage for DIY tools, gardening equipment and sports gear, you name it, this little room is expected to do it all. You might even dream of using it as a dedicated space for a new hobby one day. So, why not combine functionality and style and make it a place you look forward to visiting?

Whether you have a spacious utility room, or just an annexe to your kitchen or garage, there’s no reason these overlooked spaces can’t be just as beautiful as they are functional, and as much a joy as any other room in your house – even if you do dread going in there for the laundry!

So, how can you go about finding the right utility room makeover ideas? Well, the best place to start, as with any home renovation project, is our free style guide. Many of the same products and designs you use elsewhere in your home can just as easily be applied here. After all, just because utility rooms are mostly used for practical activities, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look great, right?

For example, how your utility room worktops look and feel should get as much attention as your kitchen worktops, and can easily look just as luxurious, especially with our easy-to-install overlay worktops. By utilising our Top that Fits on Top designs, you can quickly and easily give them a fresh, new look, or even create an entirely new style which will rival even your most elegant of other rooms. Consider combining new worktops with replacement cupboard doors to create an aesthetic which matches your kitchen and complements the rest of your décor, or strike out for something entirely new with some interesting colour pairings.

There’s really no limit to what you can achieve with the hundreds of different colour and style pairings we have on offer.

Don’t forget what’s beneath your feet while you’re at it! Swapping out flooring which has seen better days, or just can’t handle the kind of work you throw at it, can make a huge difference. Consider opting for some of our vinyl flooring which looks at least as good as natural stone or wood flooring, but is much, much easier to clean and maintain.

All of our surfaces don’t just look great, but are hugely practical for this kind of heavy traffic environment, too, especially where spills and mess are so much more common. All of our surfaces are scratch-, heat-, and impact-resistant meaning they can handle whatever your busy home can throw at them. They also come with our exclusive Foreverseal™ guarantee, ensuring that they are non-porous and incredibly resilient against stains, discolouration, and nasty mould and odours.

As utility rooms come in so many different shapes and sizes, they can be particularly challenging when it comes to optimising use of space. Which is why one of the biggest problems we see with utility room makeovers is how easily mess and clutter can build up in these spaces. Not only is that going to stop you from using this room properly for its many purposes, but can make it looks ugly and unappealing, too.

Consider using some of our clever storage solutions to better organise your cupboards and drawers, free up space, and make sure everything is where you need it, when you need it. If your utility room is used primarily for laundry, why not take away some of the edge of those dreaded chores with the very latest in modern appliances while you’re at it?

Together, we can create a utility room makeover which can transform this room into somewhere you actually want to be!

For more inspiration, take a look at some of our before and after galleries, or download our free style guide. Don’t forget that our expert design teams are always more than happy to give you a free, no obligation home consultation, or chat to you any time down at your nearest showroom.