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Kitchen Appliances FAQs

Welcome to our Kitchen Appliances FAQs page, your go-to resource for answers to common questions about kitchen appliances. we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of FAQs to help you make informed decisions. From what products you will need and how they function, we’ve got you covered. Explore our FAQs to ensure your kitchen is equipped with the best appliances to suit your needs.

How long should kitchen appliances last?

It depends on the quality of the appliance and how much use it gets, of course, but you can expect most kitchen appliances to work well for around 8-10 years for microwaves and dishwashers, or 10-15 years for ovens and fridges. However, it’s not just life span you should think about. Some appliances can become less energy efficient over time, so it can be worth it to buy new kitchen appliances when your old ones start to show their age, especially as new, more energy-efficient models come onto the market.

Last updated: 18th January, 2024
Does a fitted kitchen include appliances?

That really depends on what you choose, as most kitchen renovation companies like ours work hard to create a bespoke design which suits you. However, most fitted kitchen projects will include integrating at least the essentials, such as ovens and hobs, and maybe even fridges, freezers and dishwashers. It all depends on your space and what you want from it, and we are more than happy to give you some options on how to make the most of it as part of any kitchen renovation project.

Last updated: 18th January, 2024
How to arrange appliances on kitchen counters

There’s 2 things to think about when you want to arrange appliances on your kitchen worktops: accessibility & safety. Prioritize what you use the most and make sure they are reachable on your kitchen surfaces, but store away what is really not in use. After all, there’s no point having beautiful kitchen worktops if you can’t see them! Avoid stacking things right in front of each other where you can’t reach them. After that, make sure they are safe: not so close to the edge of your kitchen worktops that appliances like slow cookers and air fryers might get knocked over, but avoid placing anything that produces heat underneath overhead cabinets.

Last updated: 18th January, 2024
How to arrange appliances in a small kitchen

Fitting everything you need into a small kitchen can be a challenge, but there are several things you can do to help. First of all, you should prioritise the appliances you use the most, and pack away any appliances which you might only use occasionally. Consider moving larger, portable appliances, such as fridges, washing machines and tumble dryers into other spaces in the house if you have them. Why not also think about some clever storage solutions to free up some extra space for all those must have appliances?

Last updated: 18th January, 2024
How to clean a kitchen extractor fan

Every extractor system is different, so you should always consult your user manual before cleaning. However, for most, it is simply a case of removing the casing and cleaning everything you can – don’t forget to turn off at the power first! Warm soapy water is usually best, though you will find grease builds up easily, so you may want to use washing up liquid or something similar. Make sure everything is properly dried before turning it back on.

Last updated: 18th January, 2024
How do extractor fans work?

There are two types, ones which clean and recirculate the air, and others which pump the air out through a vent to the outside. Both act much like big fans which suck smoke and odours out allowing cleaner air to circulate around the kitchen. Usually, they are installed directly above ovens or kitchen islands.

Last updated: 18th January, 2024
Do I need an extractor fan in my kitchen?

Yes. Even if you don’t have one in your old kitchen, you are legally required to make it part of any new kitchen renovation or makeover. This is for your safety, of course, but there are plenty of other reasons to install an extractor fan, not least just clearing away any strong cooking odours or accidental burning of food from your beautiful new kitchen! Fortunately, extractor fans are very affordable and easy to install in most kitchens, and you can get ones that recirculate air so you don’t need to knock holes in your walls.

Last updated: 18th January, 2024
Do kitchen appliances have to match?

Only if you want them to, and a great deal depends on where they are in your home. In your kitchen, there’s no doubt that matching appliances – at least, colour-wise – does make you décor look more sleek and consistent, but you might be more concerned about function and efficiency than purely how they look. If your kitchen appliances, such as washers and dryers, are located in a utility room, you might not be too bothered about whether or not they match.

Last updated: 18th January, 2024
What cooking appliance uses the least electricity?

It really depends! A slow cooker uses a lot less energy than an electric oven, but you also need it to be on for several hours. Likewise, coffee makers use less electricity than toasters but, if you use them a lot, they will still add up on your bill. Instead of thinking about what cooking appliance uses the least electricity, think about what cooking appliance is the most energy efficient for what you need. Whether that’s an oven or a washing machine, newer, more modern appliances are more and more designed to be energy efficient and more eco-friendly than older ones.

Last updated: 18th January, 2024
How do I choose cooking appliances for my kitchen?

Choosing the right cooking appliances is an essential part of any kitchen renovation project, whether you are opting for a complete transformation, or just a quicker kitchen makeover. There are 3 things you need to think about: First is function: what do you need the most? Second, is space – how much room do you have? Prioritise the essentials. If you don’t have much room, consider moving some appliances to a utility room, if you have one, or upgrading your storage so that you make better use of your space.

Last updated: 18th January, 2024
What are the must have cooking appliances for my kitchen?

Slow cookers and air fryers seem to be all the rage, but it all depends on what you need in your kitchen, and what you use that space for. However, pretty much every kitchen will have an oven, hob and an absolute minimum, and everything after that is down to personal choice. For example, if you lead a busy lifestyle where you don’t cook much, you probably won’t need much more than that.

Last updated: 18th January, 2024
What is a cooking appliance?

“Cooking appliance” is just what we call any equipment used for food preparation, such as ovens, microwaves, hot plates and toasters. “Kitchen appliances” include cooking appliances, but also washing machines, clothes dryers, fridges, freezers and anything else you might use in the kitchen.

Last updated: 18th January, 2024

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