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Miscellaneous FAQs

What about the Painting & Decorating?

Occasionally, when removing and replacing end panels, pelmets and cornicing on your kitchen cabinets, unpainted wall surfaces and minor imperfections may be exposed. Painting and decorating are not services we provide and therefore are not included within the quote. We recommend, therefore, that you leave any final coat of painting and touching up until after your kitchen makeover has been fully installed.

Last updated: 28th June, 2023
Will there be a Mess & Dust?

Every single makeover creates some dust and dirt, although our Specialist Installers do their utmost to minimise disruption. We protect floors and other important items with the liberal use of dust sheets. Our Installers use specialist dust extractors which are connected to their power tools, safely capturing 99.995% of potentially harmful airborne dust. They also clean up after themselves, although some dust is unavoidable given the nature of Home Improvement practices.

Last updated: 28th June, 2023
Will my new stainless steel sink scratch?

Yes, Stainless steel is a durable material that can withstand very rough handling, but hard or sharp objects can scratch this material. If you want to keep the surface of the sink free of any defects, be careful when handling similar objects. The sink is always scratched when washing dishes. Scratching the sink is a common natural consequence of use. However, by using manufactures specialist cleaning paste, fine scratches can be polished, and the stainless steel will eventually build up a patina over the years with the scratch marks becoming less evident.

Last updated: 17th May, 2023
What about other rooms in the house?

Virtually the only limit to the possibilities in and around your home, is your imagination. Our work surfaces, glass mosaics and replacement doors are equally suitable for Kitchens & Bathrooms or other hardworking rooms in the house. We can reface bathroom vanity units, storage cupboards, shower surrounds and bath panels. We can also upgrade utility rooms and laundries, installing new worktops and over worn-out work surfaces and replacing base and wall unit doors and drawer fronts. Outside the home, we can offer makeovers for garden sheds, caravans, motorhomes, horseboxes, houseboats, motor yachts and much more.

Last updated: 1st November, 2021

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