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designer kitchen with white cabinets and black worktops

Granite Worktop Overlays, Knutsford

At our Trend Transformations showroom in Knutsford we have a wide range of granite worktop overlays for you to choose from. All of which can be quickly installed over your original worktops, helping to transform your kitchen design in no time.

Why choose a granite worktop overlay

Granite has always been a popular material choice for kitchens. Thanks to its smart look and feel, granite can help transform a dated kitchen into a modern, sleek family space. Choosing worktop overlays as opposed to a full kitchen makeover means you will benefit from a style transformation that is cost-effective and mess-free!

At Trend Transformations, our worktop overlays offer a number of benefits, including:

A quick and easy installation

All our worktop overlays can be placed directly on top of your original worktops, hiding your existing kitchen design, and providing a quick kitchen makeover, mess-free!

A contemporary design

All our granite worktop overlays will provide your kitchen with a modern makeover, taking your old-fashioned kitchen and bringing it back to life.

Eco-friendly materials

Plus, another great feature of our worktop overlays is that they are all produced using recycled materials.


Sample our range of Worktops

Below is our range of worktop overlays which are available in quartz and/or granite


Bianco Modena

Black Diamond

Black Star

Blue Dream

Chiaro Ambra

Cindering Snow

Crema Luna

Hydra White

King Ivory

Nero Stella

Night Blue

Perla Bianca

Perla di Modena

Perla di Sabbia

Pietra Serena

Portland Silver

Portland White

Royal Ivory

Terra Chiara

Terra di Siena

Terra Ombra

Titan Grey

White Star