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How To Give Your Kitchen A Makeover For Spring

Spring is the season of fresh starts, decluttering, and making a change. Many would argue that the true new year is at the end of March when spring begins. If you’re wanting to take advantage of the refreshing spring energy by making a change in your home then you’re in the right place. At Trend Transformations, we always encourage you to make interior changes to your home that make you happy and reflect your personal style. This is why we’ve put together this guide on how you can redecorate your kitchen for spring and give it the makeover it deserves.

Try a new kitchen worktop material 

One way you can easily change your kitchen to suit your tastes more is through a worktop overlay. Kitchen worktop overlays are the perfect solution for those wanting to change how their countertops look, but without any demolition. Spring is all about bringing new things into your space, not making a mess, which is why our worktop overlays are perfect as they fit neatly over your existing countertops to provide a whole new look.

We have a range of worktop overlay materials for you to choose from. Our popular choices include quartz, granite, and italian granite. These materials are all eco-friendly and highly durable.

A kitchen makeover by us 

If your goal this spring is to create the kitchen of your dreams, on a budget, then you’re in the right place as we can make this a reality for you. We have a range of kitchen makeover designs for you to choose from, we can take your current kitchen and transform it completely to reflect your own personal taste.

For a minimalist, spacious, and inviting look we recommend going with our Classic theme. This theme brings in neutral colours such as creams, beiges and whites, and even pastels which are perfect for spring. This colour scheme can truly brighten up your kitchen and give it a timeless look that transcends the seasons.

Add a touch of greenery 

One way to bring spring to your kitchen is to incorporate lots of greenery and flowers. Adding potted plants in the corners of the room and a vase of seasonal flowers in front of the window can really make an impact. You don’t have to make huge changes to change how things look in your kitchen. Sometimes a vase of hand picked tulips on the windowsill can really make all the difference.

If you’re interested in giving your kitchen a makeover then visit our showroom in Knutsford, or contact our friendly team today.

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