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Kitchen Storage Solutions

It doesn’t matter how big or small your kitchen is, how many cupboards or units you’ve got, storage is always an issue.

Unless you’re into that ‘organised chaos’ look, you want to make the most of your work surfaces and give yourself room to cook up your next culinary masterpiece. Making the most of the storage space you have is key if you want a clutter-free kitchen.

At Granite Transformations Newark, manging storage is something we know quite a bit about.

Why Granite Transformations have got storage sorted

Our customers’ kitchen makeovers come in all shapes and sizes – from mansions to maisonettes and penthouses to mobile homes, caravans and even boats. We’re used to maximising storage and have some ingenious solutions to make your kitchen work harder and look cooler.

Vertical drawers, carousels, drop-down shelving, electronically operated cupboards are just some of the tricks we have up our sleeves to hide away all of those modern kitchen gadgets and accessories. Talk to us and we’ll show you how we can help make the most of your space.

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Next Steps

Find out more about our kitchen storage solutions at Granite Transformations Newark or request a brochure for more inspirational ideas.

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