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2022 – Looking ahead at colour trends for the home.

The past couple of years have brought the focus directly back to our homes and how we feel in them. During this time, our homes fast became our sanctuary, the refuge from the confusion and uncertainty of public spaces. Having spent so much time in them of late, they might just be in need of an overhaul and we are here to help.


In light of this, we predict the colour trend for 2022 will continue with a nurturing theme, introducing pastels: soft pale colours from a natural palette to create calm, soothing and peaceful rooms. Think woodland-inspired greens, blended with dark tones and natural wood accents, or the colour of a calm sea and sky with tones of cloud grey, translated into matt cabinetry and highlights of soft white. Such tones offer the opportunity to calm our frazzled nerves and keep the home a sanctuary of serenity.


Confirming our predictions, UK wallpaper and paint company, Graham & Brown, has just announced ‘Breathe’, a tranquil mid-blue shade, as its ‘Colour of the Year’ for 2022, and ‘Restore’, a patterned smoky blue-hued design with wild botanicals, as wallpaper of the year. Breathe and Restore, which perfectly complement one another, are a celebration of nature, self-care, reflection and optimism.


Every year, Dulux colour experts translate global design trends into the latest Colour of the Year – and the shade for 2022 is Bright Skies™.  Dulux calls it, “an airy and fresh tone that opens up and breathes new life into any space”.  Bright Skies is part of the Greenhouse palette, one of four complementary colour palettes for 2022.  The Greenhouse colour palette includes Moon Cloud, River Valley, Denim Drift™ and Fresh Foliage, all of which, as the collection suggests, are gorgeously soft shades from a natural palette evoking fresh air, nature, and an overall sense of calm.


Adding to the neutral, calm collections, UK paint company, Farrow & Ball, announced that Babouche, School House White, Breakfast Room Green, Stone Blue, and Incarnadine have been named as the shades that will define 2022. Rooted in a feeling of folk and craftsmanship – with a versatile mix of function, form, and comfort – each colour is anchored in a sense of comfortability and simplicity.

And on a global note, US paint company, Behr has announced ‘Breezeway’ – “A relaxed and uplifting sea glass green expressing peace and tranquillity for forward movement,” as its colour of the year.


It’s clear that our predictions were right on point, and that the colour trends for 2022 are all heading in a direction aligned with enjoying and exploring nature, with natural, muted tones, and simple, uncluttered spaces.  If you too are looking for a ‘nature-inspired, calm, and soothing’ kitchen or bathroom makeover and would like to talk to a designer to see how we can help you transform your home into a haven for 2022, simply contact us today!

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