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6 Ways to Brighten a Tired Kitchen or Bathroom

Wear and tear are a regular occurrence of any lived-in home. Whether it’s marks and scrapes on the paintwork, chipped or scratched surfaces, cupboards or floorwork, or tiles that are looking lacklustre, over time rooms that stand up to your day-to-day activity, such as the kitchen and bathroom, start to look a little tired. However, a full kitchen or bathroom refit can cause a large amount of upheaval and disruption within your home. But there is a solution. Granite and TREND Transformations explore the reasons why a kitchen or bathroom makeover may be in need. We then share some creative ideas for refacing, instead of renovating, that are not only easier and more convenient but are kinder to the environment too.

Why it may time to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom

If your home is no longer bringing you the pleasure it used to, it may be time for a kitchen or bathroom update. Here are a few reasons why it is a worthwhile activity:

For the health and safety of your family

Kitchens and bathrooms have to face a myriad of challenges. The heat, steam and moisture, produced by cooking or bathing, can lead to peeling paint, deteriorating surfaces and blackening tiles. Household damp and mould is not only unsightly but can cause problems with you and your family’s health. It can irritate your eyes, nose and throat, your skin, and your lungs. Those with asthma or allergies can especially be at risk, but it can even lead to sickness amongst healthy individuals.

On the flip side, a kitchen or bathroom update can inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle. In your kitchen, with more space or better organisation, you are more likely to want to cook and bake, rather than reaching for the takeaway menu. Enjoying the new look and wanting to share time there with your friends and family is good for mental wellbeing too.

Improve convenience and functionality

Sometimes you need to cook in a kitchen to appreciate what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps you haven’t quite got the optimum kitchen work triangle. It may be that the things you use regularly are not within easy reach, the layout is awkward and restricts your movement, or the material of your kitchen worktop or cupboards is not suiting your needs. Refacing or remodelling these aspects of your kitchen will bring back the pleasure and ease of your kitchen activity.

Fulfilling a change in requirement

Most of us have spent more time at home recently, and it looks like this may be a trend for the ongoing future. Perhaps one or more of you are working from home, and need to adapt your kitchen space accordingly or need more storage space to accommodate items that are typically kept in the office. If you’re hosting more dinner parties and coffee mornings to stay in touch with friends and family, a kitchen or bathroom makeover can provide a new, stylish space to welcome your guests. Whatever the change in requirement, there are simple ways to update your kitchen or bathroom, without the need for a complete overhaul.

Increase the value of your property

If selling your property is on the horizon, it is still worth updating the rooms in your home. A kitchen or bathroom makeover has been shown to add up to 10% to the value to your property. It is also likely to help it sell quicker. Having a home ready to move into is an attractive proposition for many buyers. Buyers, who see a house freshly decorated, can start picturing life in their new home.

Make your home more energy efficient

Old kitchen appliances can quickly use up energy, adding unwanted pounds to your energy bills. Most appliances don’t last longer than 13-15 years before they start to lose their efficiency and need replacing. Replacing your fridge, freezer, dishwasher or oven will not only save you money but will also be more eco-friendly and often quieter when in action. But it’s not just the large appliances that need to be checked. Items such as microwaves, kettles and toasters also have a life span and need replacing after a few years. With kitchen and bathrooms appliances often being the feature of a room, updating them when they’re past their best provides many benefits.

A mental boost

As we spend more time at home, making our kitchens and bathrooms places we enjoy spending time in is good for our mental wellbeing. Tired-looking surroundings can make us feel down too. Meanwhile, investing in giving our kitchen or bathroom a makeover is an investment in our day-to-day happiness.

The benefits of refacing rather than renovating

A new look to your kitchen or bathroom does not have to mean a full refit. Granite and TREND Transformation has some excellent options for designing your perfect kitchen or bathroom makeover without a complete renovation, and there are several advantages to making this choice:

More time-efficient

The time it takes to refit a whole kitchen depends on the size and complexity of the job. However, you could expect your entire kitchen to be out-of-action for weeks. Refacing, instead of renovating, is much quicker. For example, our unique ‘top that fits on top‘ kitchen worktops are installed over existing ones in a fraction of the time and with much less disruption.

Less mess, less stress

A kitchen renovation process can create a considerable amount of mess, not only in the room where it is taking place, but, with all the movement that is required, it can turn most of your house upside down. With our innovative refacing process, which applies new surfaces over existing ones, no form of demolition is needed. The whole process is more convenient and hassle-free, and avoids large volumes of debris that would otherwise go to landfill.

Better for the environment

At Granite and TREND Transformations, we are dedicated to being as eco-friendly as possible in the manufacture and installation of our kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Our method of refacing cuts landfill waste by up to 75% by utilising existing structures in the makeover process. We also aim to use recycled materials wherever possible and have designed pioneering up-cycling approaches to create stylish and enduring products.

Materials made for life

Remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, rather than renovating from scratch, does not mean a compromise on materials. On the contrary, how we manufacture our etherium™ by E-stone surfaces, using only the highest quality materials, makes them durable, versatile and beautiful. Incorporating ForeverSeal®, our proprietary polymer resin, our surfaces are also heat, stain, scratch, mould and mildew resistant and never need to be resealed.

Taking care of your health and safety is also important to us. Our antimicrobial, Microban® technology offers 24/7 protection against bacteria growth and lasts for the lifetime of our products too.

6 ideas to bring the sparkle back to your kitchen or bathroom

1) Worktops, tiling and flooring

Kitchen worktops and splashbacks, and tiling in both your kitchen and bathroom, are highly visible aspects of your room. Replacing them can quickly and easily update your look by using different materials, colours and patterns. Our etherium™ by E-stone surfaces are made bespoke to your requirements and can be used for kitchen worktops, tiled splashbacks and flooring, as well as shower rooms and bath surrounds. Using quartz, granite and recycled glass, our etherium™ by E-stone surfaces come in a range of colours and patterns to suit your room’s style.

2) Cupboard refacing

Avoid the mess of a full kitchen unit refit and instead opt for cupboard refacing. This cost-effective kitchen update is a hassle-free solution to creating a new kitchen look, as well as being more eco-friendly with significantly reduced waste. Granite and TREND Transformations have a wide selection of styles and colours, from sleek and simple to classic and homely.

3) A new coat of paint

Giving your kitchen or bathroom walls a couple of coats of paint is a simple, budget-friendly way of brightening up a tired-looking space. While the paintbrush is out, take the opportunity to pay attention to door and window frames, and even the ceiling for a consistent look throughout.

4) Furniture

Adding some new furniture is another way to update your home’s look, improve its organisation or add a new function for your kitchen or bathroom. Perhaps add some stools for the breakfast area, a comfy chair to create a cosy corner or some new shelves or storage units to tidy up any clutter.

5) Appliances

A straightforward upgrade of your oven, freezer, shower or bath can make a big difference to the enjoyment and use of the room, as well as saving you money in the long run with more energy-efficient processes. For example, if you like to socialise and have friends’ round for dinner, a larger oven opens up more possibilities for adventurous cooking, whereas a new, more powerful shower can make morning get-ups something to look forward to!

6) Lighting

Lighting sets the mood for your room, and having the wrong one can be off-putting. A bright light may be great for working from home, cooking or for when the kids are doing their homework, but when it’s time to kick back and relax over dinner, you need a more ambient light that lends to a more cosy feel. Take time to reflect on what mood you want to create and where; sometimes, you may also want more than one option that you can switch between.

There are many solutions you can use to update your kitchen or bathroom without having to refurbish the whole space. Find out more about the options Granite and TREND Transformations offers by visiting our website, or get in touch with one of our team. We’d be glad to help with some design ideas.



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