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  • 4 minute read
  • Oct 30th, 2019

Thank you to our Guest blogger who sent this to us:

The Son Of Thom
Daniel Steptoe-Thompson is a UK food, lifestyle and travel blogger reviewing places he has travelled, whilst writing about his lifestyle choices, combining his love of coffee and tattoos and ticking things off his bucket list.

We are finally in our new house!

Whilst we have been busy updating our front room and main bedroom (which I will tell you more about soon) we decided to invest in a dining table that will last the test of time and be big enough to fit the whole family round at Christmas.

It would also make the most of the amazing views from our sun room whilst eating breakfast but most importantly give us somewhere to sit and eat our dinner properly instead of having it on our lap whilst watching telly.

Over the last 18 months whilst we having been looking for our dream house we have also been putting ideas together how we want our house to look. My wife has a A1 size book of stuff she has seen in magazines and on the internet for ideas. She has several pages for each room…


During this process we found a company called Granite Transformations who are kitchen make over specialists.

We knew with house we have bought we really wanted there worktops in our kitchen but we need to take up our flooring and install the underfloor heating before we makeover our kitchen and install a new island.

After visiting the Granite Transformations showroom in Colchester (which is inside Hatfields Home Furnisher) we decided to ask them to create a bespoke dining table using there Portland Silver quartz worktop so that it would match our kitchen worktops in the future when we have them installed in our kitchen.


 Phonotherm substrate being installed in the workshop

Due to the size we wanted the table to be (2.4 metres in length x 1.2 metres in width) they advised us to use Phonotherm substrate which would make it super strong and mean there we no joins underneath the surface of the table.

                                                                             Our dining table being made in the workshop

We added a sheet of 6mm plywood to create the thickness we wanted and this made the overall thickness of the table 58mm.

The weight also meant it was a absolute beast for the 3 installers to take the table down the side of the house and into our sun room at the back of our house. It is hard to say how much it weighs but I would not be surprised if it was around 250kg.

                                                                                   Trapezium steel legs by the hairpin leg company

Because of the weight of the table we were going to need really strong industrial legs. We choose the Trapezium Steel Legs by The Hairpin Leg Company as they were a good price and really helpful when researching what legs would be suitable for our table.


After much deliberation we decided to go the whole hog and purchase from John Lewis, 8 Silver Brooks velvet side dining chairs and 2 Charcoal Brooks dining armchairs to complete the look.

                                                    Bespoke Granite Transformation portland silver quartz dining table

We are both so pleased with our bespoke dining room table by Granite Transformations. It looks and feels amazing with the added benefits of being heat, scratch ans stain resistant it should last much longer than your typical dining table and we can’t wait to install it on our kitchen worktops.

Thank you to our guest blogger :

The Son Of ThomDaniel Steptoe-Thompson is a UK food, lifestyle and travel blogger reviewing places he has travelled, whilst writing about his lifestyle choices, combining his love of coffee and tattoos and ticking things off his bucket list.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you design you perfect  kitchen  arrange a home visit with  Granite & TREND Transformations


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