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Granite and TREND Transformations Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

  • 3 minute read
  • Mar 17th, 2020

The latest Government advice is available herehttps://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public

Are Granite Transformations and TREND Transformations cancelling in-home appointments?

We are following advice from the Government and Public Health England. At the moment there is no advice or reason for us to cancel appointments.

Are all your showrooms open?

Yes. At the moment all our showrooms will remain open.  We are following advice from the Government and Public Heath England and if that advice changes we will then act accordingly.

What measures are in place to try to protect customers from contracting the Virus?

In view of the ever increasing risk posed by the Covid-19 virus, we wanted to let you know of the extra steps we are taking to ensure that all of our valued customers are in the forefront of our minds.  There are now precautionary measures in place within our franchise community to mitigate any associated risk where possible.
  • We do not use subcontractors, all of our skilled craftsman and fitters are employed by our franchise owners. Therefore, you will have the same fitter with you for the entire installation.
  • Our fitting teams are diligently health screened daily, by our franchise owners and most of our installations are completed within one day.
  • We are encouraging all staff to take common sense health precautions recommended by the Government, such as frequent hand washing or using alcohol-based hand sanitiser wiith at least 60 percent alcohol to stay healthy.
  • All fitters are provided with face masks and bring their own reusable cups to ensure high standards of hygiene. Our fitter will need access to a sink to wash their hands. All fitters have been provided with antibacterial gel.
  • We are making sure our in-home consultation samples will be continuously sanitised and that our facilities are disinfected on an ongoing basis.
  • Our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces are anti-microbial, nonporous and mould and mildew-resistant, which helps prevent the spread of germs.

How can I protect myself from Coronavirus?

We can all play our part. To protect yourself and others, basic hygiene such as washing our hands regularly and using tissues when we cough and sneeze is the best way to slow the spread of germs and infection.

If you would like more information, please visit:

Public Health England

Gov.uk – for the current Government response

You can find medical guidance on coronavirus on the NHS website. You can also sign up to alerts on infectious diseases on gov.uk.

Department of Health and Social Care

COO Granite Transformations and TREND Transformations

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