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Could replacement kitchen doors be the missing piece in your dream kitchen puzzle?

  • 3 minute read
  • Dec 1st, 2022

Getting your tatty kitchen cupboards to smarten up their act could be a lot easier than you think!

Are your cabinet doors starting to look a bit worn out and tired? Or maybe their style just isn’t doing it for you anymore?

Our incredible worktops and glass mosaics may well get most of the attention when it comes to kitchen and bathroom transformations, but it’s all too easy to overlook the importance of your cupboard doors in the mix. Until they start looking scuffed or damaged, that is, or the fresh new look in the rest of your space makes them stand out for all the wrong reasons. Likewise, if you’re still planning your next big refurb, don’t underestimate the impact your cupboards have on the overall look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom.

However, replacing cabinets and cupboards completely can be a bit of nightmare, and probably completely unnecessary. As long as you are happy with your current layout, and the units themselves are still perfectly sound, you can give them a remarkable spruce up just by treating them to some replacement doors.

Just like all of our other surfaces, our replacement cupboard doors are designed to be installed directly into your existing units. Which means a lot less stress, mess, and strain on your budget. After all, why remove perfectly good units when you can transform them just by switching the doors?

We offer a huge range of kitchen cabinet and cupboard doors which are designed in dozens of colours and styles to perfectly complement your existing space. They can even form the basis of a whole new look! With so many styles, colours and effects to choose from, replacing your kitchen doors can also be an opportunity to create new colour combinations to match or offset your other surfaces.

For example, match your worktops colours exactly to create a streamlined, uniform look which can work incredibly well in modern kitchens where clean lines and smooth finishes are all the rage. Alternatively, you can mix and match to create something completely new, such as pairing lighter worktops with darker cupboards, or vice versa. Monochrome black and white combos can be incredibly dramatic, especially if paired with interesting lighting effects.

However, there has also been an increase in the number of our customers opting for bolder and brighter colours, too. Depending on your space and how you use it, you might even want to consider reds and oranges to add some warmth, especially if you’re after a more rustic vibe. If you want something a bit more neutral and pastel, why not try some blues, greys or greens?

Check out our new style guide for some inspiration.

Of course, there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t unleash your own unique creative flair and go for something completely. Who knows? You could be creating a new trend!

Once you’ve chosen your colour scheme, you then have a wide range of options in terms of matt and gloss finishes, including woodgrain, stone or metal, and solid wood. We can also offer a completely bespoke painting service with a choice of more than 130 Farrow & Ball paints.

The ease and convenience replacing your kitchen doors with Granite & TREND Transformations is all part of our mission to make home renovation what it should be: a joy!


Get in touch with your local showroom to learn more about how replacement cupboard doors can help transform your kitchen.

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