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Covid-19 Message – Your safety is our priority!

The health and safety of our customers, our team and the wider community are of paramount importance to us, so we are following all necessary Government advice to keep our customers, fitters, suppliers and showroom staff safe. We have fully re-commenced home visits for the purposes of fitting kitchens, surveys, home appointments and design consultations. The majority of our showrooms are open.  To check your local showroom please give them a call-in advance or visit their local web page.

Your safety is our top priority, in order to allow us to fulfil our responsibilities to not only our customers but also to our team we have taken a number of actions including, but not limited to the following: 

Before work begins

  • Keep in touch. Regular contact with your installer in advance of any home visit is important – talk through details of the work being carried out and agree how risks can be reduced.
  • Follow medical advice from the government. You can view the full guidelines, and specific medical advice for if you have symptoms, here.

Take sensible precautions while work is carried out:

✓  Health comes first: Do not go ahead with the appointment or installation if you or anyone in your home feels unwell or has any symptoms linked to the virus, such asa new, continuous cough or high temperature.
✓  Clean surfaces around the working area and in ‘high traffic’ areas such as door handles with disinfectant before, during and after work is carried out.
✓  Keep internal doors open and minimise touching of door handles.
✓  As work is taking place in an area you use frequently,  consider ways to avoid using that space when work takes place.
✓  Try to avoid too much face-to-face contact with those working in your home – ideally less than 15 minutes.
✓  Make sure any shared facilities, like toilets or kitchens, are thoroughly cleaned after each shift.
✓  Keep children or pets in other rooms while work is carried out, where possible.
✓ Make us aware if you have anyone in your home who may be classified as high risk.

The steps we are taking to protect the well-being of our customers, our design consultants and our installers.

✓ All of our staff are fully trained on the Covid-19 best practices.
✓ Our staff wash their hands and sanitise before and after each appointment.
✓ PPE equipment will be worn during your appointment and installation.
✓ Product samples are thoroughly sanitised before and after every sales appointment.
✓ Our staff operate social distancing when in your home.
✓ We allocate the same installer to the same household.
✓ We limit the number of installers and tradespeople in a confined space.
✓ We will thoroughly clean and sanitise the room our installers are working in, prior to and after completing each installation.
✓ We use electronic payment methods.
✓ No appointments are made with customers in the high-risk category. Instead, we are ableto offer phone calls and virtual appointments.
✓ We are staying well informed about the developing situation and are following advice from the Government and Public Health England.

We would kindly ask you to help us to jointly manage the risk from the potential spread of the virus. 

Contact your local showroom now to find out their operating hours.

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