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Discover an Easier Way to Maximise Your Kitchen’s Potential

  • 6 minute read
  • Dec 18th, 2020

If every time you walk into your kitchen, you wish for something better, now could be the time for a kitchen update. A kitchen is often the centre of the family home; the place where all the activity takes place, and it needs to fulfil a multitude of functions. However, is a completely new kitchen the best option to maximise the potential of your kitchen space? Granite and TREND Transformations explore how you can transform your kitchen without all the inconvenience and disarray of a traditional renovation and make your family hub a place that brings joy every time you enter it.

Is it time for a kitchen update?


The kitchen is a high-profile room of the home, relied upon for satisfying many requirements and although the thought of updating it may seem daunting, taking that step will be more than worthwhile. Here are a few reasons why:

To improve functionality

The way we use our kitchens has changed a lot, particularly recently, as more people adopt it as a place to work from home or help children with schoolwork. And, perhaps these new demands are not being met well by your current kitchen. Maybe the layout is not maximising the kitchen’s space or the kitchen worktops, cupboards or lighting need updating to suit your needs better.

To refresh the aesthetics of a ‘lived-in’ room.

A kitchen has to undergo rigorous, daily challenges, facing heat, steam and frequent use. These can result in your kitchen surfaces, flooring and cupboards beginning to deteriorate. Whether it’s peeling paint, cracked tiles or scratched surfaces, when these start to accumulate, your kitchen begins to look tired and in need of attention.

The good news is that newer techniques and materials have been designed to be more durable, meaning that you will be able to enjoy your updated kitchen for much longer.

To update the style

Does your kitchen style suit your personality? Is it to your taste, or was it a choice of a previous owner; one which you are living with rather than enjoying? Your kitchen is a room where you and your family spend a significant amount of time, therefore if it is dark, drab or old-fashioned, or simply not to your taste, now is the time to update it and make it a place where you love to spend time.

Increase the value of your home

Updating your kitchen will not just benefit you and your family’s lives; it will also add value to your home, enticing future buyers to consider it for purchase. According to Nationwide, the kitchen is the room that most buyers focus upon and updating it will add immediate value to your home. Furthermore, a complete renovation is not necessarily the option that you need to take. Sprucing up your kitchen in the ways suggested below is often enough to win over a new buyer.

Reface rather than replace?

When considering a change for your kitchen, it is worth questioning what it is you are looking to achieve? If there are fundamental or structural aspects of your kitchen that are not maximising the kitchen space or fulfilling your needs, then a complete replacement may be necessary. However, in many cases a kitchen update will satisfy many aesthetic and practical motivations, and will avoid the challenges of a full-scale renovation as outlined below:


Designing your dream kitchen is not just about browsing kitchen unit styles and paint samples. It takes extensive planning, and, more often than not, the input from professional tradespeople is required. As a functional room with several appliances, electricity, water and gas installations need to be considered, alongside the practicalities of how your day-to-day kitchen activity would work. The range of materials, technologies and expertise required for a total renovation can therefore make its planning a complex task.

Time required

While the planning and organisation for a total room replacement in itself is a lengthy task, demolishing your existing kitchen before creating and installing a new one can mean you will be without a functioning room for weeks at best, sometimes months.

Disruption to lifestyle

The time it takes to demolish and rebuild your kitchen can be highly inconvenient as you and your family try to continue with your daily lives without a fully functioning kitchen. Simple tasks, such as making a cup of tea or snack, may prove awkward or sometimes close to impossible, leaving the reliance on takeaways more and more likely. On top of this inconvenience, a full kitchen replacement can cause significant disarray to the rest of the house. Items that generally reside in your kitchen will need to find a new temporary home while the process of demolition can cause a great deal of mess throughout.

Environmental concerns

When weighing up the pros and cons of a fully fitted kitchen versus an update, it is worthwhile considering sustainability. When carrying out a full replacement, the demolition involved means that large amounts of builder’s waste will end up in a landfill. Furthermore, the manufacturing process of brand-new materials leaves a much heavier carbon footprint than if you are more selective in which aspects of your kitchen need an update.

The benefits of a kitchen update


There are many aspects of your kitchen that can be simply updated to fresh, new styles that offer practicality, longevity and beauty while also saving you time and hassle:

Refacing surfaces – worktops, tiling and floors:

As a prominent, regularly used feature, a kitchen worktop replacement is an excellent place to start if you’d like to give your room a hassle-free revamp. Granite and TREND transformations’ unique ‘top that fits on top’ combines quality and durability with a convenient installation procedure. Made from quartz, granite and recycled glass, our etherium© By E-Stone surfaces have a luxury feel while the in-built proprietary polymer resin, ForeverSeal®, keeps them heat, stain, scratch, mould and mildew resistant. Nonporous and never needing to be sealed, our surfaces are also made with antimicrobial, Microban® technology that lasts the lifetime of the product to ensure they offer you and your family an always safe and hygienic experience.

Our etherium© By E-Stone surfaces are made to your exact requirements and, therefore, are not limited to kitchen worktop replacements. They can also be used for splashbacks and flooring, as well as bathroom surrounds, shower interiors and more. These surfaces can be installed in a fraction of the time of a traditional renovation, often in just one day! Fitted directly onto existing kitchen or bathroom surfaces, our installation process produces no builders’ waste and very little mess, leaving you to enjoy a gleaming, polished surface, perfectly created to reflect your new kitchen style.

At Granite and TREND Transformations, we’re also highly focused on our environmental impact. Our surfaces are made with 72% recycled materials, and our advanced manufacturing processes allow us to use 3-5 times less energy, raw materials and natural resources than any other competitor in our industry.

Replacement kitchen doors

Another conspicuous, frequently-used aspect of your kitchen is the cupboards, and these too can receive the refacing treatment with our new kitchen doors! We have an extensive selection of replacement kitchen doors that can be used to give a new look to your cupboards, rather than removing the whole unit. With a range of different styles, from the modern to the contemporary, you can select the colour, finish and detail to create a whole new kitchen look with a lot less hassle.

New sinks, taps and handles

If your kitchen sinks, taps or handles have lost their shine, updating this small kitchen detail can have a big impact on the overall look. With a wide variety to choose from, we are sure that from the range we have available, we’ll be able to help you find the ideal replacement.

Paintwork and lighting

A kitchen repaint is a quick and straightforward method of livening up your kitchen. Choose light, neutral colours to help brighten your kitchen and give the illusion of more space. This feeling of spaciousness can also be created with replacing your lighting. Consider how your kitchen will be used, and install lights with differing levels brightness to create the relevant mood.

If you’re happy with the layout of your kitchen, it is likely that a complete renovation is not necessary. Instead, we can help you achieve your dream kitchen with a lot more ease and convenience, and with a much-reduced environmental impact. Please get in contact with our team to discuss our kitchen design options.


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