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Discover the Eco-Friendly Kitchen Makeover

The importance of sustainability and protecting our environment for future generations is a focus across all industries, and home improvement is no exception. At Granite and TREND Transformations, our ethos is to enhance the world’s surfaces with natural, timeless and sustainable beauty. We use innovative manufacturing processes to create kitchens and bathrooms that are not just eco-friendly, but stunningly beautiful too, and can save you money along the way. After reviewing why environmentally friendly home renovation is so significant to our planet, we share how we’ve developed pioneering, sustainable processes to give your kitchen an eco-friendly makeover.


The environmental impact of kitchen renovation

Across the broader scale of building and construction, throughout the lifecycle of production, procurement, use and demolition, materials and components consume nearly 40% of the world’s energy annually.1 Furthermore, the extensive use of construction materials is leading to worrying levels of resource depletion and CO2 emissions, as the industry generates millions of tons of waste annually. There are no signs of this consumption slowing down as our frequent changes in human lifestyle have decreased the average life of buildings and their contents.

Although kitchen renovations only make up a percentage of these figures, we still have an essential role to play in protecting our environment. When seeking a kitchen makeover, it is more important than ever to consider sustainability and the environmental impact of our choices.


Our commitment to eco-friendly kitchens

Granite and TREND Transformations have led the way in making changes for the more sustainable production and manufacture of eco-friendly kitchens, and our dedication has been formally recognised and accredited for outstanding environmental management.

Reface rather than replace

One of our primary and most environmentally impactful approaches has been developing our ‘reface rather than replace’ strategy.

Refacing aspects of your kitchen can still create the beautiful, pristine vision you are seeking but in a way that is kinder to our planet. Choosing to reface your kitchen cabinets and work surfaces, rather than replacing them can cut the amount of builder’s waste by up to 75%. By designing our materials to fit neatly over existing surfaces, we eliminate the environmental impact of demolition, debris and additional reinforcement. Furthermore, this environmentally friendly option of updating your existing kitchen can save you up to 50% on the cost of a new kitchen, and remove a lot of the hassle too!

Dedicated to sustainability throughout our products, we have a wide range of eye-catching options to choose from that will create a stunningly rejuvenated kitchen. And, with our expert craftsmanship and end-to-end project management, the whole process is much quicker. For example, installations of our worktops can be all finished within a day!


Our ‘top that fits on top’ is an excellent way of quickly and easily refreshing your kitchen look.  Choose from recycled glass, granite or quartz worktops. All our etherium™ by E-stone surfaces are super-light and slim, at just quarter of an inch thick, but still provide the durability associated with stone, as well as the flexibility of wood. We’re so confident in their finish that every one of our surfaces come with a ten-year warranty.

Our quartz worktops come in a range of neutral shades, while our granite worktops offer the warmer, darker colours. Or for a more striking change, perhaps select from our colourful range in recycled glass. We custom make our products to your exact requirements. So, if you’re seeking a thicker, more-solid looking dimension to your worktop or want to install a surface with the on-trend waterfall ends, just let us know your ideal vision, and we’ll implement it in your eco-friendly kitchen makeover.

Cupboard doors

We have a choice of over 200 solid wood and laminate replacement doors; all manufactured to the highest quality standards. Choose from over 30 different colours, as well as edge finishes and fascia, handles and fittings, each customised to create your perfect kitchen makeover.


Replace tired tiles with statement mosaic splashbacks designed in a range of distinctive styles to suit your perfect new kitchen look. Our authentic Italian, glass mosaic tiles are high-quality and bonded on a flexible backing mattress for quick and easy installation. Made from up to 72% post-consumer recycled glass, they are environmentally friendly for your kitchen while still being resistant to heat, burns, scratches, impact and wear. As they are solid colour throughout, the tiles are resistant to fade and shade variation, extending the product lifetime and thus offering further eco-friendly benefits.

Appliances and accessories

If you only need to make a small change or two to your kitchen, we’re here to help. We can install new sink units and taps, hobs and built-in ovens, fridges, freezers, and dishwashers. All our appliances are made by leading brands and can add a new modern touch, convenience and ease to your kitchen living.

Replacing worn door handles, knobs, hinges, and drawer runners is a quick, straightforward task that can make your kitchen much more user-friendly. If you need more storage space, we have shelf units and storage drawers that can be installed without hassle, decluttering your kitchen for a fresher, sleeker look.

Refacing doesn’t have to mean compromising. You can enjoy a gorgeous, new look to your kitchen while still being kinder to the environment. And, with the additional benefits of cost, time and convenience when compared to a complete, new kitchen refit, we feel it is the perfect solution.


Recycled material

Using recycled material is vital to avoid further depleting our natural resources, especially when a concerning 70% of material sourced from quarries is not even suitable for architectural or residential use.

Our etherium™ by E-stone surfaces incorporate granite and quartz ingredients from recycled quarry waste or spoil to manufacture beautiful, eco-friendly kitchen work surfaces. When producing our worktops, we use a subtle build-up of layers that creates a stunning mix of colours and patterns within the finished product.  With each piece consisting of a unique blend of granite, quartz, mirror-glass, and porcelain, you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind, luxurious surface for your new environmentally-friendly kitchen.

Our Manufacturing Processes

With a focus on sustainability throughout all our manufacturing processes, Granite and TREND Transformations use 3 to 5 times less energy, raw materials and natural resources than any other rival company.

When manufacturing our worktops, using our unique and innovative polymer technology, we can produce durable, yet lightweight and flexible products that use 30% less raw materials than the 0.3cm thick engineered stone and 70% less than 1.9cm slab, made using the Breton system.


Transportation and Installation

We aim to reduce our environmental impact wherever we can. With our lightweight products, transportation becomes more fuel-efficient, and less packaging is required. There are also fewer problems, such as damage, encountered in storage and handling.

By encouraging you to ‘reface instead of replace’, we can utilise a lot of your existing structures and materials during installation, saving you money and benefiting the environment at the same time.


Product longevity

We use expert craftsmanship and advanced polymer technology to create products that do not just have an aesthetic appeal but are tough and hard-wearing.

Our products may be slimline, but the way we manufacture our etherium™ by E-stone surfaces make them strong. Whether used for worktops, wall coverings, floorings or splashbacks, these purpose-engineered stone slabs are backed with our trademark Flexiweb reinforcing mesh and then diamond polished for a long-lasting shine. Tough enough to withstand a dropped bowling ball, totally unsupported, our surfaces are also made with ForeverSeal®, our proprietary polymer resin, to ensure heat, stain, scratch, mould, and mildew resistance. Using ForeverSeal® also means that our surfaces are nonporous and never need to be sealed.

Integrated into all our surfaces is our innovative antimicrobial Microban® technology. By inhibiting the growth of bacteria and microbes, it helps worktops stay clean and hygienic, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Microban® technology also helps to protect against stains, odours, mould and mildew and, as it lasts for the lifetime of the product, it improves the longevity of the worktop too.

By ensuring there is strength and durability behind every one of our carefully crafted products means that not only do you get to enjoy your gorgeous kitchen for much longer, but the environmental impact of replacing your kitchen is minimised.

Working with experts to deliver on our vision

Our commitment to protecting the environment is long-standing. It has enabled us to partner with some of the world’s leading environmental organisations, architects and designers to ensure our processes are not only eco-friendly but our products are beautiful, stylish and innovative for the home.

We know that refacing and recycling makes sense, and that there does not need to be a compromise. By striving to develop the most eco-friendly manufacturing processes, we are able to divert more than 22 million lbs (9,821 tonnes) of waste from landfill annually while still producing kitchens where our customers love to spend time.


If you would like to explore our refacing options and create your new dream kitchen the eco-friendly way, our design team would be pleased to discuss your ideas.


1 Petkar, Sanket. (2014). Environmental Impact Of Construction Materials And Practices. 10.13140/RG.2.1.2581.0001.

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