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Find Out How Our 3D Kitchen Planner Makes Kitchen Designs Easy

Designing a new kitchen can feel like a daunting task. Space is often critical, and with mostly permanent fixtures, there is little room for trial and area. Once a time-consuming job, spent pouring over hand-drawn, architects designs and sourcing a variety of samples to try and envisage the end result, our 3D Design Tool has now made the task so much easier!

Granite & TREND Transformations has developed the latest in digital kitchen design technology that allows you to plan all the elements and layout of your perfect kitchen. This article introduces our 3D kitchen design tool, how it works and what benefits it offers.

What is the 3D Design Tool?

This tool is a 3D kitchen and bathroom designer that guides you in digitally creating your perfect room. It’s easy to use and offers many options from which to choose. You can mix and match, and change your mind as many times as you like until you’ve selected the ideal layout for your room and the style, colour and finish of each of the fixtures and fittings within it. No professional experience is needed. You, your family, and friends can easily plan your new kitchen from either a desktop or mobile device.

What are the benefits of the 3D Kitchen and Bathroom Design Tool?

1) More control and flexibility with your design

With our 3D kitchen design tool you can select the various aspects of your kitchen design, play with different combinations and layouts as many times as you choose.  You can save as you go along and share your creations with your friends until you have found a design that represents your ideal new kitchen.

2) Time and cost-efficient

Using this innovative digital technology means you no longer have to wait for designs to be manually drawn up and then amendments to be made. There are no unnecessary trips to the showrooms, in search of your vision, or buying samples to provide to your kitchen designer. All options on style, colour, material and design can be selected in the 3D Design Tool and put together with a click of a button.

3) Easily convey your perfect look to your designer

Unless you’ve got skills in design work, conveying your idea to your kitchen designer can be a challenge. Using our 3D Kitchen Design Tool, it is easy to create a digital design, giving Granite Transformers all the information needed to bring your dream kitchen to life.

How to use the 3D Design Tool: An easy step-by-step guide

You can access our 3D Design Tool on any browser, just follow the link below to start designing your ideal kitchen.

Granite Transformation’s 3D Design Tool

The layout

The first step in designing your kitchen is choosing a room layout that will work with your current setup. There will be some restrictions on where you can have your appliances depending on gas, electric and water points. However, there is likely to be some flexibility if desired.

Kitchens are very often the hub of the family home; the place where family members gather after work to prepare and, sometimes, eat dinner and share their day. Therefore, take this opportunity to create a space where people will want to linger. Even if space is limited, consider areas where your family can stop, rest and maybe even a cup of tea or glass of wine, while food is being prepared.

A well-laid-out kitchen will maximise its use of space, allowing for everything to be organised and ready-at-hand when needed. Consider obstructions and ensure the path is clear for cooks to move easily and safely around the kitchen.

To access our kitchen layout planner, click on the Room Layout tab in our 3D Design Tool, where you can select from a range of options. However, don’t worry if it is not an exact match, you will still be able to get a good insight into how your kitchen will look.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a primary focus and will have a significant impact on how your kitchen looks. Think about what kind of style you would like. For a traditional look, a classic shaker design, where the cabinet doors consist of a recessed panel and a four-piece wood frame is a timelessly elegant option. For a more contemporary feel, choose sleek, geometric lines, such as the minimalist, slab-style cabinet doors, finished in simple matt or eye-catching gloss.

Consider colour and material too. Choose a calming feel with lighter, neutral tones to make a room feel spacious and uncluttered. Wood-effect or painted solid wood cabinets provide a traditional option and can offer a formal, yet relaxed look, ideal for townhouses, period properties and country cottages. Trend-setting kitchens use striking, high-gloss colours; bright and eye-catching or monochrome and dramatic. Be bold, and mix and match colours or shades for a unique look that highlights certain aspects of your kitchen.

Our 3D Kitchen designer presents a range of options for you to select, experiment and ponder. Just click on any of the cabinets in the image to find one that captures your dream kitchen vision.


Next turn your attention to your worktops. Alongside these being of great practical importance, the horizontal planes of worktops make them highly visible, so take time to reflect on the impact you’re looking to make.

The uniform style of matching the shade of your worktops with that of your cabinets is a classic look that creates space and harmony. Alternatively, select a contrasting worktop in the image in 3D Design Tool to see how the striking distinctness of the two tones offers a sense of balance in the kitchen.

Granite, quartz, recycled glass or porcelain are popular choices, with tones to suit every kitchen style. All of our worktop surfaces are hard-wearing, practical and fuss-free. Made with ForeverSeal®, our proprietary polymer resin, these nonporous surfaces are heat, stain, scratch, mould, and mildew resistant and never need to be sealed.

With health and hygiene a primary concern in the kitchen, we have formed an exclusive partnership with Microban®. This cutting-edge, antimicrobial technology has been built into all our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces, offering 24/7 Microban® protection that lasts for the lifetime of the product.


Flawlessly integrating your appliances into your kitchen will maintain the flow of the design and make kitchen jobs a joy. The latest kitchen appliances are convenient and hassle-free with smart technology and LED displays. Sleek, state-of-the-art ovens and induction hobs will bring pleasure to your cooking and help ensure excellent results for even the novice chef. Meanwhile, innovative, new refrigerators offer maximum storage capacity and optimised temperature control.

Extraction hoods, dishwashers and washing-dryers may not be the most exciting part of your kitchen. However, with elegant, contemporary designs, our kitchen design visualiser will illustrate how they can still sit harmoniously into your kitchen plan. Just click on any of the appliances in the kitchen image to view your options.

A kitchen island

A kitchen island is a fantastic focal point for a kitchen. If your room has the space for one, enjoy making this a welcoming feature of your kitchen, where family and friends can gather to share the day, while the cook has the benefit of a large working area to get creative with new or favourite recipes.  All aspects of your kitchen island, your worktops and edges, cabinets, sink and taps and, of course, the chairs for your kitchen guests can be easily selected in our 3D Kitchen Design Tool.

Sinks and taps

When choosing your sinks and taps, it is worthwhile matching the tones with your kitchen accessories. For example, decide whether to opt for shiny metallic taps and handles or brushed chrome and keep this theme consistent throughout your kitchen.


Backsplashes are not just there as a functional property, protecting your walls from splashes and stains. Use this opportunity to get creative and add additional character to your kitchen. For example, mosaic tiles add colour and beauty to your kitchen while still offering the durability needed. Our etherium™ by E-Stone surfaces provide another stylish, yet practical, option for backsplashes and are available in a wide range of styles.

The finer details

It’s the smaller details that help give your kitchen that added personality. Using our kitchen designer tool, you can experiment with different mouldings and handles. Consider sleek, long handles for a contemporary look or traditional round knobs, both produced in a variety of forms and colours.


Complete your kitchen look by deciding on your flooring. Combine style with practicality and durability, choosing hard flooring, such as a large tile format. Our Etherium ™ by E-Stone surfaces offer excellent endurance. Manufactured in granite, quartz, recycled glass and porcelain, they are available in a large variety of colours and styles, enabling you to find an option that provides a stunning complement to your new worktops and cabinets.

Saving and sharing

We know that there is a lot to think about when designing a new kitchen, so you can always save your ideas to return to them after a bit of thought. After trying a few different options, perhaps share them with family or friends to get their feedback. With the 3D Kitchen Design Tool, it’s easy to share your designs on social media, across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, by selecting the people image in the side menu bar. There’s the added option of emailing your ideas too.


Once you’ve created your perfect kitchen, getting a quote for your design is just a click away in the 3D Design Tool.

Our 3D Kitchen designer is an excellent tool, giving you the ease and flexibility to plan your kitchen just how you want it. However, we’re still here to help. If you’d like to talk through your ideas with our design consultant, just click on the calendar to provide us with your contact details and one of our team will soon be in touch to schedule an appointment.

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