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Go Green with Granite & TREND Transformations’ worktops

  • 2 minute read
  • Jul 12th, 2019

One of the hottest interior design trends is recycled glass worktops made from recovered post-industrial and post-consumer waste material that would otherwise go to landfill.  Granite & TREND Transformations’ offers worktops and surfaces which contain up to 72% post-consumer recycled glass made from used lager, wine and mineral water bottles. Aimed at the ‘eco chic’ marketplace, the designs display their environmental credentials by featuring glass fragments bonded together with a clear polymer resin, to create beautiful worktops that are extremely tough, heat, stain and scratch resistant, and sustainable. These recycled glass materials are not simply restricted to worktops; they are equally at home in the bathroom, shower, wetroom, lobby or outside living space.

Environmental practice

Long before it became fashionable, Granite and Trend Transformations declared a commitment to implementing processes that protect and preserve the planet’s resources. Key to the company’s direction was the belief that great style and beauty did not have to be sacrificed in the pursuit of corporate responsibility.  Products are designed specifically to consume fewer raw materials and extend durability. Granite and TREND Transformations’ innovative engineered surfaces require 60% less raw materials and incorporate both geologic waste and recycled glass that would otherwise end up in landfills.  The company’s development of new product lines set an industry benchmark for the use of post-consumer recycled content in agglomerate and glass tile products, reaching levels as high as 78%.

Granite and Trend Transformations’ manufacturing facilities were designed with sophisticated water recycling systems that significantly reduce water consumption and the proliferation of pollutants. The consumption and cost of packaging materials has been reduced through the use of recycled or reusable packaging while the company collaborates with the world’s leading environmental organisations, architects and designers to promote sustainable building practices.

These worktops and other interior surfaces are available exclusively from Granite & TREND Transformations showrooms around the country and in most cases can be fitted in one day.

Call us on 0803 231 7951 or request a brochure, or arrange a home visit with one of our experts.

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