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Home is where the heart is… The Family Kitchen

  • 3 minute read
  • Sep 15th, 2022

Since time began, sitting round a fire to enjoy food together has been a central component to a sense of belonging, kinship, and home. And increasingly, in modern day life, whilst sharing food together still plays an important role for our kitchens, increasingly, the ‘family kitchen’ requirements, now stretch beyond catering.

With more roles to play than ever, whether the kitchen is big or small, one element that every heart of the home family kitchen needs is oodles of storage.

Whilst we can’t always make more space in our kitchen, there are often creative ways to increase storage.  For example, opting for deep drawers make items more accessible than tall out of reach cupboards and often hold more too.

Larder cupboards with drawers are also a useful addition, for exactly the same reason. And having the ability to pull the draw out of the recess makes it so much easier to see what’s stored.

If like so many you’re tired of losing things in the corner cabinet – we have plenty of ingenious cupboard storage solutions to fix that.

Now that the weather has cooled and our minds are turning to the start of new chapters and new terms at school, for our family kitchens, there’s homework stations to consider, heavier laundry loads, considering sports kits and winter woollies – and the usual organisation and planning that comes with making sure everything’s turned around for a Monday morning.

Our number one suggestion for improving storage is to add some storage in under-utilised areas – think hallways, utility room or that wall by the back door….the popularity of extending the kitchen style cabinets out into utility/bootility areas or onto the walls of the kitchen diner has exploded. Forget a sideboard, fill up the whole wall!

Consider the ease of storing school uniform in the utility room where it actually gets washed – this could simplify laundry day no end.  Just imagine, school books, bags, shoes plus shoe polish, swim kit – all no longer on the floor or squeezed into the under-stairs cupboard, but instead neatly stored in an easily accessible place.

Where the traditional kitchen used to stop, we have a seen a move into extending the kitchen cabinets rather than purchasing separate furniture.  Built-in storage takes up less space and offers more storage room. Plus, with full height units you are getting triple the space than with a sideboard or hallway console.  Not forgetting the right height cupboard to store those tall mops and brooms, plus perhaps a bespoke shelf for that pesky wrapping paper

The needs of storage in the family home and kitchen will differ depending on the family. What is clear, the need to declutter, and have more visibility of what we own and be able to easily find it, is something every home can benefit from.

If you would like to re-organise or refresh your family home – get in touch with  your local showroom and we can it from there!

Great styling made easy.

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