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How Do You Know When to Replace Your Kitchen?

Over the years, our kitchens have come to mean a range of different things to each of us. Every single one is unique, evolving to suit our individual needs as life and trends change.

Today, those needs are more relevant and changing than ever before, prompting many of us to take a long, hard look at our kitchen design and see things in a new light as we go about the process of spring cleaning and looking to the future.

But, how do you know when the time is right to make those changes? Granite and TREND Transformations explore the questions that prompt when it is time to replace your kitchen.

Is your kitchen still a room in which you enjoy spending time?

As the heart of almost every modern home, the kitchen should be a room to enjoy, whether that involves a dash through on the way to a busy day at work, creating an exciting new recipe for the family or simply sharing a morning coffee with friends. In recent times, our kitchens have even become workspaces as more of us work from home.

Life, after all, is full of changes; families grow, children leave the nest, restrictions come and go, and so do visitors. All these things can alter what we want our kitchens to feel like, as well as how we use them.

However you use your kitchen, it has to be functional and enjoyable. If it doesn’t quite feel that way, then perhaps it’s time to make some changes.

However, its function is just one piece of the puzzle

Because form plays an equally important role in how satisfied you are with your kitchen, your kitchen design might be something with which, in essence, you are pretty happy. However, the component parts that combine to make the whole may no longer be performing optimally and may need replacement.

You may need more storage space than a few years ago, for example, or the option for less. Lighting that was fine last year may not fulfil your needs now that you are working from home, and as for appliances and kitchen styles, these are trends that naturally come and go.

Any one of these things or any combination can be a sign that a kitchen makeover is on the cards.

As an alternative to moving, a kitchen makeover is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and a lot less troublesome. It is also an easy way to rediscover your creative kitchen mojo and the perfect way to show off the heart of your home with a sense of genuine pride once again.

The best thing of all is that Granite and TREND Transformations make it easy by providing the widest range of solutions for every aspect of your kitchen design project.

So, if your preference is for the classic, traditional look or whether you prefer ultra-modern convenience and multifunctional purpose, we have plenty of ideas for you. You can even try out different options using our 3D Kitchen Design Tool, exploring a wide range of clever kitchen ideas that really can deliver to all your kitchen aspirations.

Below we share some options to help get you inspired:

The hidden powers of the kitchen cupboard

Everyone considering a kitchen makeover is faced with the dilemma of optimising their space via the use of kitchen cupboards. With all the innovative new designs in this space, this dilemma actually becomes an opportunity.

Even those with a yearning for a traditional kitchen design can’t deny the convenience, efficiency and labour-saving benefits of the latest state of the art kitchen gadgets. Smart refrigerators and ovens and smaller, more efficient microwaves that can do it all are at the top of many people’s kitchen shopping lists. For those who love a timeless, traditional kitchen feel, the use of cupboards means you can have both.

Integrating those appliances within cupboards and built-in drawers puts that world of modern convenience to hand whenever it’s needed, with those shiny new appliances cannily concealed when not in use. That means all the benefits of modern appliances, combined with an uninterrupted, classic kitchen that looks exactly the way you want it to and does all the things that nobody might ever expect.

For a convenient, hassle-free, but still delightfully beautiful way to upgrade your kitchen cupboards, Granite and TREND Transformations offer replacement cupboard doors that can give your kitchen a fresh new look without the fuss and mess of a total kitchen makeover.

Worktops: Much more than a work surface

The right kitchen worktop is much more than a work surface; it’s a statement, one that always gets noticed. Granite and TREND Transformations will help you make sure that’s for all the right reasons.

Replacing tired, dull worktops is an integral part of any kitchen makeover. Upgrade your work surface to create a new space while providing an elegant and eye-catching focal point for your kitchen that complements new colour schemes and contours of your new kitchen’s structure.

When it comes to colour and look, Granite and TREND Transformations have a multitude of options. Our etherium® By E-stone surfaces are manufactured to the highest quality and use quartz, granite and recycled glass to create a range of stunning effects. From our dark Black Star or Night Blue colours to lighter marble-effect surfaces like Carrara, Calacatta or Arabescato, you are sure to find a colour perfect for you.

Made with ForeverSeal®, our proprietary polymer resin, our surfaces are not just beautiful but highly resilient to heat, stains, scratches, mould & mildew and never need resealing. Furthermore, with built-in Microban®, cutting-edge antimicrobial technology, you can be confident in a more hygienic surface 24/7.

Updating tiling and flooring

Weighing up practicality and aesthetics is the key to a successful kitchen makeover and, when it comes to tiling and flooring, both of these things are vital.

Tiling and splashbacks are a simple, effective way to make a big difference. They cost little to maintain, are easy and eco-friendly to install and deliver a highly resilient and long-lasting breath of fresh air for any updated kitchen space.

Many people think of splashbacks as purely practical; after all, they do come with a range of practical benefits:

  • They offer protection for kitchen surfaces prone to splashes
  • They’re simple to keep clean
  • Splashbacks are simple to install
  • They are heat resistant
  • They guard against heat and steam damage to walls

However, they also have the potential to be a real kitchen design feature, even in traditional kitchens. Replacing old, outdated tiling or splashbacks with exciting new colours, patterns, and styles can create a harmonious blend for a traditional kitchen or a bold statement for a contemporary space.

At Granite and TREND Transformations, our philosophy ensures you can enjoy stunning, decorative tiling with ease and speed. Our authentic Italian glass mosaic tiles are pre-grouted and bonded to an exclusive tile-laying system, giving you practical installation with endless design possibilities.

Flooring always needs careful consideration, and we are always delighted to offer advice when needed.

It is crucial to think about how you use your kitchen today, compared to the past. Take into account the presence of pets and children and where your kitchen is situated in the home. All these things can inform the type of flooring you choose.

Flooring isn’t hidden behind cupboards and appliances in the same way that wall tiles sometimes are, so choosing the suitable material, colour, and pattern can really make a difference.

At Granite and TREND Transformations, our hard flooring comes in a range of square, rectangular, plank, and extra-large tile formats, as well as a wide choice of colours and patterns, to work perfectly with your kitchen. Despite being a lightweight flooring option, it effectively resists impact, scratches, chemicals and thermal shock.


At the heart of every successful kitchen design project lies one fundamental goal; to make it as convenient and pleasing as possible to live life on our terms. If a kitchen no longer does that, then it may be time to think about changes.

There needn’t be a compromise, though. For those seeking the elegance of classic design or for those dreaming of a space full of contemporary, modern features, with innovative thinking and a wide range of high-quality crafted components, you can replace your old kitchen with something better than you ever imagined.

For further advice on replacing your kitchen and achieving the look and feel you want, please contact our design team.


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