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How Our ‘Top-That-Fits-On Top’ Gives New Life to Your Slab Granite Worktops

A shiny, new granite worktop can be a beautiful focus for a kitchen; its luxury-looking finish adding an attractive feature to dinner parties. Unfortunately, for some, their granite worktop has become a disappointment, seeing a quicker-than-expected deterioration. But don’t fret, there is a hassle-free solution that doesn’t involve starting from scratch, that will create a kitchen you can be proud of again.

This blog explores the problems sometimes seen with natural slab granite worktops and then shares how the benefits of our etherium® By E-Stone worktops can provide a favourable solution.

The problems with slab granite worktops

Slab granite worktops are often regarded as a quality investment for a kitchen, adding value to the property and creating a stunning focal point. It can, therefore, be disheartening when a granite worktop doesn’t live up to expectations. Some examples of the problems seen are:


One of the attractions of a solid, or slab, granite worktops is the unique patterns and colours naturally created by the rock formation. However, under some circumstances, the definition and radiance of these patterns and colours can start to fade.

Slab granite worktops exposed to ultraviolet radiation from direct sunlight will dull over extended periods. Furthermore, if your granite worktop has been treated with dyes to bring out a specific colour, these dyes are more prone to react to ultraviolet light and will fade fairly rapidly. Granite is not the only type of natural stone that can fade over time. Slab Quartz is another example that will react to direct sunlight.


Slab granite is a porous material, meaning that it absorbs water. In rooms with high moisture levels, such as kitchens and bathrooms, this can lead to limescale. This white, chalky residue is created by the dissolved minerals in your water, such as calcium and magnesium. Although limescale is not known to have any adverse health effects, it can be unsightly on what was once a beautiful and flawless granite surface.

An added problem is how to remove it. Cleaning products containing corrosive chemicals are not suitable for natural stone surfaces, like slab granite. Using them could spoil the granite itself and affect the seal around it. More natural cleaning methods can be used to remove limescale but these can be time-consuming and do not always guarantee a perfect result.


Many people consider slab granite to be durable and hard-wearing, so they are surprised at how easily it can stain. Again, it is the porous nature of granite worktops that makes them susceptible to staining. Rings from red wine glasses, juice and coffee spills and oil splatters can leave marks on your slab granite worktop. Be careful with hot pans too. Although granite is heat-resistant, putting a hot pot or pan on the work surface can leave a nasty mark, or worse, cause it to crack. To keep a slab granite worktop looking as good as new, careful cleaning and regular sealing is needed to protect it from this kind of wear and tear.

The need for regular sealing

Sealants block liquids from seeping into slab granite and the above problems highlight the importance of carrying out this task regularly. To maintain a pristine finish to a granite worktop, customers need to apply a sealant every 12-18 months. Sometimes, this is forgotten or disregarded as too much hassle when a maintenance-free solution would have been preferred. However, neglecting this task leads to deterioration in the granite worktop’s condition.

As also mentioned above, with the expectation that granite is tough and resistant to everyday use, customers are often surprised, even disgruntled, that this kind of maintenance is needed for what is considered a high-quality, luxury product.

Below par quality

Slab granite does not come in one standard of quality. There is a range of grades and those low- to mid-range products are often the type that encounter issues. There are a few ways you can distinguish the quality of the granite that you are sourcing; these include:

  • Thickness – domestic granite slabs are typically produced at 1 and ¼-inch or 30mm in thickness. You may also see thinner ¾ inch or 20mm thick products, which are more suitable in places such as bathroom cabinets, where there is less wear and tear. Be aware of granite slabs that are thicker than these. Your first assumptions might be that thicker is better, when in fact, thicker slabs could be two pieces joined together – not so good for quality and durability.
  • Surface Consistency – High-quality granite surfaces should be smooth and blemish-free. Any marks, cracks or fissure’s suggest that the quality is compromised. Check the edges and the main surface for impurities and make sure that all areas have been consistently polished.

A high-quality, hassle-free solution

If you’ve had a solid or slab granite worktop installed into your kitchen and are now feeling a little dismayed due to one or more of the issues described above, we have a solution that can bring the sparkle back to your kitchen without another large-scale renovation.

Our etherium® By E-stone worktops provide the perfect upgrade for granite worktops that are past their best. And the good news is they fit conveniently over your current worktop as a ‘top-that-fits-on-top’. Each year, we cover more than 300 solid or slab granite kitchen worktops with our product, due to the issues outlined above in this article.

There are many more benefits to our etherium® By E-stone worktops too:


Don’t let the ease of our solution lead to any doubt about its quality. The quality of our products is something of which we’re immensely proud at Granite and TREND Transformations.

Produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sebring, Florida, our worktops use quartz, granite and recycled glass for the highest quality. Our kitchen and bathroom surfaces are super-light and slim, at just a quarter of an inch, or 7mm, thick. However, they’re tougher than stone, more flexible than wood and come with our manufacturer’s 10-year warranty.

The finished look is a gleaming, diamond-polished worktop that you will be pleased to show off to your family and friends once again.


Our ‘top-that-fits-on-top’ is unique. Installation is a quick and hassle-free process; fitted directly onto your existing kitchen or bathroom surface, whether it’s a worktop, flooring or tiles, and it is bonded permanently to the original. We can normally fit our etherium® By E-stone worktops in less than a day, significantly reducing the time your kitchen is out of action. This easy and convenient process means less stress, less mess and less fuss.


Using this method of installation means there is a lot less builder’s waste. This is just one way that Granite and TREND Transformations demonstrate our dedication to sustainability. Our manufacturing processes allow over 22 million lbs (9,821 tonnes) of waste to be diverted from landfill annually, while our products are made using up to 72% of recycled material.

Bespoke designs

We have a wide range of colours and styles that can be used to create your perfect kitchen worktop. From traditional and classic kitchens to contemporary designs, we make our materials bespoke to your requirements, using combinations of granite, quartz, recycled glass or porcelain to bring beauty back to your kitchen.


We don’t want you to face the same problems, you might currently be experiencing with your current slab granite, in a few years’ time, so we have built our kitchen worktops to last. Made with our proprietary polymer resin, ForeverSeal®, our etherium® By E-stone worktops are exceptionally strong, offering heat, stain, scratch, mould and mildew resistance. Furthermore, the polymer includes a UV stabilizer that reduces fading. We are so confident of our worktops durability that you can place hot pans on them or cut on them directly without worry.

No need to seal

The unique, state-of-the-art properties of ForeverSeal® also ensure that all our surfaces are nonporous, preventing limescale build-up and meaning that they never need to be sealed. The qualities of this polymer recipe are so resilient that they are used successfully to ensure the water-resistance and durability of the composite hulls of yachts and workboats.

Built-in antimicrobial protection

Hygiene is a top priority in any kitchen. Therefore, all our surfaces also have built-in Microban® protection. This antimicrobial technology is integrated into the product during the manufacturing process, meaning it will not wash or wear off but offer 24/7 protection that lasts the lifetime of the product. By inhibiting the growth or reproduction of microbes and bacteria, the surface is safer, more hygienic and cleaner in-between cleans.

At Granite and TREND Transformations, we’re dedicated to creating kitchens and bathrooms where you enjoy spending time. This not only means that they are beautiful to look at but that they stay that way for you to enjoy for years to come.

To find out more about our high-quality and hassle-free top-that-fits-on-top, please get in contact with our design team.

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