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How to Instantly Enhance the Look of your Kitchen this Christmas

Is a new kitchen top of your Christmas wish list? With just a few weeks till the Big Day, you might think there isn’t time to refresh your tired old kitchen, but with a little Christmas magic, anything is possible. Granite and TREND Transformations explore some easy ideas to enhance your kitchen so it fulfils the demands of this busy period. 

After the disappointment of last year, everyone is hoping for a big family Christmas in 2021. However, a big family Christmas inevitably means huge demands on the kitchen and whoever is designated ‘chef’.

As Ashley Jensen states in this year’s Waitrose Christmas advert, “the best bit of Christmas is the food”. And we all put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create that gourmet feast for our loved ones on Christmas day, not to mention the other inevitable gatherings with family and friends, who all expect to be fed.

If you’re feeling frustrated with your kitchen, the very idea of hosting the festivities might be filling you with dread right now. Are you consumed with kitchen-envy watching TV chefs like Nigella mooch around their spacious larders? Perhaps your kitchen feels too small and disorganised. Without sufficient storage and preparation surface space, cooking for large numbers of people can be incredibly difficult and stressful.

Maybe your kitchen is functional but in desperate need of modernisation. The kitchen is the natural place for everyone to gather at family events and parties – it’s where the food and drink is, after all! You’ll be spending a lot of time in this room, so to make Christmas a little happier and a little easier, it has to be a space you enjoy and that works for you.

While a full kitchen remodel is unlikely to be feasible in the next three weeks, you might be surprised about what can be achieved in a fraction of time and for a fraction of the cost. By just making a few key changes, you can completely refresh the look of your kitchen in as little as a day.

Make a list

Before the Christmas preparation begins in earnest, take some time to think about what you don’t like about your kitchen. What frustrated you last Christmas? Which changes will make the biggest impact on a successful celebration this year?

Was it a lack of storage space for hoarding Christmas goodies or a handy place to keep the wine? Was the oven too small for the turkey or the fridge too small for the leftovers? Or if your gripes are aesthetic, is there one thing in particular that needs an update? Could simply new flooring or a new worktop make all the difference? Complaints like these are pretty easy to fix, meaning it might not be necessary to overhaul the room completely. Instead, some simple adjustments could give the refresh your kitchen needs.

Next, do a deep clean and clear out of any clutter. For example, if you have too many plates or glasses, you can create some extra space by passing them on to someone who may be particularly grateful for them this time of year. If you have unused gadgets given as Christmas gifts last year, why not re-gift them this year or take them to a local charity shop?


Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Or a blue or a green one? While a classic white kitchen will never go out of fashion, green has been a popular choice this year and would make a charming, country-inspired look for Christmas. Refacing kitchen cabinets is a great way to completely change your kitchen design without paying the full price for new units.

At Granite and TREND Transformations, our replacement cupboard doors are produced  in a wide range of styles and colours, whether you are hoping for a clean, modern room or a more cosy, traditional look.

Simply replacing the doors, drawers, and handles can make a big difference to your space. It can also be achieved quickly and with minimal disruption. This approach is also more eco-friendly, as you are reusing materials and creating less waste, a vital factor to bear in mind as we all try to limit our negative impact on the environment this festive season.

Combine your new neutral cabinets with a brightly painted or wallpapered feature wall for added impact, or use grey tones to complement coloured cabinets, and you’ll hardly recognise your old kitchen. You can even mix the styles, setting an antique piece of furniture, like a rustic dining table, against cool, modern units.


Clean, crisp and even

When it comes to cooking for family and friends, it is essential to ensure a clear, clean and hygienic space for food preparation. You can get a new, stylish and durable finish to your kitchen with a kitchen worktop replacement. Without the need to remove old surfaces, our high-quality worktops simply fit on top of your old one.

Made from quartz, granite or recycled glass etherium® By E-stone, all of our worktops are heat, stain, scratch, mould and mildew resistant. With health and hygiene in mind, they also offer 24/7 Microban® protection, a cutting-edge antimicrobial technology that lasts for the lifetime of a product. Find out more about our ‘top that fits on top’.

You might choose to extend your current worktop to provide more room for food preparation or add a breakfast bar, creating a sociable area in the kitchen for chatting to family and friends while the Christmas dinner is cooking. Adding additional lighting can also go a long way to making cooking areas appear more practical and cheerful.

Enhance your kitchen’s fresh look with new flooring and a new splashback or upstand in a playful tile design. These will really finish off your redesign and make the kitchen much easier to clean, particularly useful at a time when the room will be undergoing heavy use. Choose warm colours to make your kitchen cosy and inviting on cold winter days.


Somewhere for the figgy pudding

If you are hosting your family or friends for Christmas this year, you’ll need plenty of storage to hoard away all the food, particularly chocolates and snacks, to avoid it being eaten before the day itself. You may also need to store wine and other drinks out of harm (and temptation’s) way.

Having a range of ingenious storage solutions will help make the most of the space available and ensure it is easy to find what you need when you need it. For example, our space-saving tall larder units have fully


extending drawers that can be opened individually. Don’t allow corner cupboards to become wasted space, but maximise those corners with our innovative corner unit shelving mechanism. Narrow spaces between units can also provide extra vital storage, perfect for bottles of wine.

Alternatively, wine racks or pan racks can be hung on the wall, making them easy to access and keeping worktops clear of any clutter and free for food preparation.


Powering through

This Christmas, it will be the fridge freezer and oven that will be doing most of the heavy lifting, and this may lead you to re-evaluate your kitchen appliances for next time they’re in high demand. We supply high-quality appliances that can be flawlessly incorporated into your ideal kitchen design.

A brand-new oven and high-tech induction hob could make light work of both the advance preparations and the day’s Christmas feast, ensuring the all-important bird and roast potatoes are cooked evenly. State-of-the-art extractor hoods can be fitted so that stale smells don’t linger in the room, while warming draws keep everything at the optimum temperature until it is time to plate up.

A large fridge will also be essential to keep food fresh and make space for the variety of desserts, cheese and enough leftover turkey to guarantee everyone will be sick of it until next Christmas comes around.

Complete your kitchen with accessories in complementary seasonal colours. Fabrics like seat cushions, blinds, tablecloths and tea towels will make the room feel more comfortable and relaxed, or take a tip from Nigella and use fairy lights to turn the kitchen into a grotto of culinary delights.


A helping hand

Much like Santa’s industrious elves, Granite and TREND Transformations team provide high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and end-to-end project management. Plus, the durability of our products will ensure you can enjoy your kitchen for many years to come!

Create your perfect kitchen design using our 3D Kitchen  Design Tool, or get in touch for a chat with one of our senior design consultants.

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