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How to Plan a Beautiful Home (and where to start)

  • 6 minute read
  • Dec 4th, 2020

A beautiful home is many people’s ultimate goal. Now, more than ever, having a space that brings you and the people you live with joy and comfort is very valuable. Part of that is having everything there you need, and another essential factor is how it all looks and feels. Achieving these goals when home design planning can feel somewhat overwhelming at times, with so many possibilities and variations. In this article, Granite and TREND Transformations shares some useful guidelines to help.

A focus on kitchens and bathrooms

Beautiful home ideas look different for different people. Each of us has our own perception on what we need to satisfy our needs, feel at ease and enjoy our surroundings. That is true for every room in our homes, but these decisions can feel even more crucial when designing our kitchens and bathrooms, where changes are more long-lasting and less flexible.

The kitchen is, without doubt, the heart of the contemporary home. Once upon a time, it was a place solely to prepare and store food. Now though it is so much more, it can be a refuge, an area to enjoy with others or a place of creative abandon. We want our kitchens to be rooms that we are proud to show off but also places made to endure because the modern-day hub of the home is also one of the busiest.

Our bathrooms serve similar dual purposes; often on busy days, they are rooms to rush through with everything we need at hand to get ready for the day ahead. When we aren’t so rushed, we might like them to be something else; places of sanctuary where we might lose ourselves for a precious hour or two.

Therefore, when we are planning a beautiful home, it always pays to seek out solutions that are both practical and beautiful.

Budgets needs before wants.

Establishing how much you have to invest in your plans for a beautiful home is always a logical starting point, no matter if your home design planning is small-scale or much grander in its scope. The word to note here, however, is ‘invest’ as opposed to merely ‘spend’. The reason for that is the changes you decide to make will almost always add an element of value to your home.

Enjoying the benefits of a beautiful home you have planned and created is a reward in itself, but, of course, adding value to your property is a welcome bonus. Considering the outlay when making changes to your home is essential. However, balancing that with the best quality manufacture, and stylish, yet durable, materials will lead to a higher rate of satisfaction.

When planning a kitchen or bathroom makeover with Granite and TREND Transformations, we make these factors a priority. With hundreds of styles to choose from, we use only the very best in materials and expert craftsmanship to create beautiful results, which are also long-lasting.

Start with prioritising the essential things that you cannot do without when forming your budget. Certainly, where kitchens and bathrooms are concerned, that means the features you need for the long-term; the practical fixtures and fittings that are elegantly styled and crafted to last.

For many people that planning will involve worktops and surfaces, flooring, sinks and taps, doors and drawers, as well as tiling and splashbacks. All these products form the foundation of a budget as necessary elements, only after establishing them can we start thinking about things we might want; the smaller decorative touches and comforts.

Home design planning should always start with a budget but don’t be afraid to reach out to trusted specialists at such an early stage. Granite and TREND Transformations can work closely with you to guide with the planning and budgeting and help you get the best value for your home makeover.

Selecting the style

Deciding on the right style for aspects, such as kitchen worktops, flooring and tiling, is vital for several reasons.

Firstly, as long-term features, chosen diligently, they will add value to your home. Your outlay will effectively be transferred to money in the bank as the value of your newly renovated, beautiful home increases. All of our high-quality etherium™ by E-stone surfaces are crafted to last, combining natural granite, quartz or recycled glass with ForeverSeal®, a proprietary polymer resin, to guarantee resistance against heat, stains, scratches, mould and mildew and never need to be resealed. Our cutting-edge, built-in Microban® antibacterial technology lasts for the lifetime of the product too. This added level of hygiene for your home reduces the growth of bacteria 24/7, helping to keep your kitchen or bathroom cleaner between cleans.

Secondly, as these fixed elements in your kitchen and bathroom are highly visible and frequently used, it is vital not to rush into a style decision and risk opting for something you later regret.

A large part of finding a style that suits you is selecting the right tones, textures and colours for your kitchen and bathroom. Consider what effect you are looking to create. Is it modern and contemporary with clean lines and muted colours, more traditional with softer, warmer textures and tones or something more dramatic with striking designs and contrasts?

country kitchen worktops

It can be hard to visualise these effects, simply using guesswork or your imagination. That is why we’ve developed our 3D kitchen and bathroom design tool to help you create the perfect room. You can quickly and easily try new ideas and experiment with different styles, finishes and colours to create and recreate designs for your ideal kitchen or bathroom. Save your plans for later reflection and share them with friends and family for their input too. With one click, you can also send your design to us for a quote or to talk through your ideas with our design consultants.

There is also a wealth of free resources available online to gain further inspiration. We love Pinterest, Juxtapost and Houzz, all offering a seemingly endless array of creative and beautiful home ideas.

Planning the layout

Beautiful home ideas rely heavily on style, but effective home design planning must also take the layout into account.

Every home needs space for a variety of purposes; space for family activities, space for quiet relaxation and, particularly in recent times, space to work. Thinking carefully about how you use your rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, can make or break the enjoyment of your home makeover. Get it right, and you’ll create a beautiful home that is practical too and works well for everyone.

With kitchens, firstly consider where your services, such as gas, electricity and plumbing, are located because that will impact your plans. Reflect too about how you or your family use your kitchen. Is it a communal space or perhaps you might like it to be? Do you dine as a family or at different times? Is one area notably busier than others, where people sometimes get in each other’s way? And most importantly, how can you make the most of the space you have?

Our 3D Design Tool can help answer all of these questions. Simply click on the Room Layout tab to explore different options. Giving real insight into the optimum layout for your kitchen, it helps you visualise what is logical, practical and safe for your home.

The bathroom is another room that will benefit from careful thought on how to make the most of the space available. And, much like the kitchen, it may be a room that fulfils different purposes at different times.

For busy days, it needs to be practical, with surfaces, flooring and tiling that are crafted to last and remain looking beautiful for the long-term. But to feel at home, it also needs to have that sense of your own unique style. You can use our 3D design tool for bathrooms too, discovering which styles, colours and elements work best together.

Working closely with an expert you trust

Once the budget, style and layout have been decided upon, find an expert you trust to turn your plans into a reality.

At Granite and TREND Transformations, we will work closely with you to plan, produce and install unique, innovative and elegant products that fully realise your beautiful home ideas. For more information on how to arrange a free home design consultation or to request a brochure, please get in touch with our team.

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