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Introducing our new colours for Autumn 2019 to create your dream kitchen.

Trends in the kitchen continue to evolve and kitchen designers are becoming braver with colours and finishes introduced to the kitchen space.  Industrial and natural looking finishes continue to prove the most popular with marble and concrete worktops topping the bill.  Colours are being introduced through cabinetry with shades of Grey and Dark blue being one of the most popular combinations in 2019.  The addition of bright marble and quartz worktops with brass accents like lighting and accessories, help bounce the light and compliment the darker colours.  This is a huge departure from the previous trends of white gloss cabinets and Black granite worktops.

Granite and Quartz has always been an ideal material choice for both interior and exterior surfaces, they provide an extraordinary resistance to damage, are easy to maintain, and the uniqueness of every slab adds an exclusive decorative touch to any room.

Each of our etherium by E-Stone™ surfaces has a story, below we introduce our new colours of Granite, Quartz and recycled glass finishes that add a touch of class to every new kitchen.

Marble effect


Recently used in Rosemary Shragers kitchen makeover, Natural Arabescato comes from the same quarry as Carrara and the same region of Italy, which is actually in the village of Carrara, based in the province of Tuscany. Italians have been quarrying marble from that region since the Roman age. Arabescato marble has a very pure looking white background with dark grey markings but with veins on a smaller scale than Calacatta. In its natural state, Arabescato is a very soft material, although, our manufacturing process means you can have the beautiful look of Arabescato, with the inherit product benefits of quartz making it an extremely hardwearing surface. Thanks to our unique process in which we sublimate marble patterns onto quartz slabs, were able to use Polar Ice Cap as our base slabs for this stunning new colour, forming part of our Trascenda® range under the Classic marble collection.

Above: Rosemary Shragers kitchen makeover


Where to use it – Interior Design Tip

Arabescato will look stunning in any kitchen as a centrepiece island. Try combining it with a grey tiled splashback such as Subway Pearl so provides the perfect finish for designer bathrooms as a flooring option or shower cladding.







Gardena is a small magnificent valley nested in the Italian Dolomites, and it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. The carbonate rock — dolomite — was the name given to these wonderful mountains, and our Gardena engineered stone pays homage to this granite that can be found only in this area of Italy. Gardena has medium grains with brown, red, gold, black and white tones, perfect for any kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Where to use it – Interior Design Tips

Gardena adds warmth to any space because it has undertones of yellow and orange, but choosing colours that complement this hue can be a challenge. If you think of the Gardena worktop as an accent, you can actually use it as a guide for choosing a colour by determining whether you want to create a bold contrast with its golden hue or echo its warm tones with a similar shade.




Perla di Modena

Perla di Modena is made from granite, quartz and mother-of pearl. This beautiful engineered stone recalls some of the most stunning granite selections from the Italian Apennines which is a mountain range extending 1,200 km (750 mi) along the length of the Italian peninsular. The Apennines are made up of marine sedimentary rocks that are mostly shales, sandstones, and limestones, while igneous rocks contain the remains of an older oceanic crust. Perla di Modena contains white, orange, brown and dark grains, with the soft shimmer of mother of pearl, making it a versatile and elegant choice and drawing on inspiration from this spectacular region.

Where to use it – Interior Design Tips

Perla di Modena’s light brown hue is the next step up from white or ivory, you might describe it as calming as a sandy coast. It offers minimal design risk but much more impact. It brings refinement to a neutral room when it’s paired with crisp white woodwork.






Recycled Glass

Dove Tail

Composed of quartz and recycled glass, Dove Tail contains a variety of medium grains with grey tones that provide a refined and traditional look to one’s kitchen or bathroom makeover project. Made from 72% post-consumer recycled glass the result is the look and feel of quartz, enhanced by reflections and refractions from the translucent glass chips. This strong and durable material gives a uniform, consistent finish that’s ideal for worktops, vanity tops, floor and wall cladding. Our Recycled glass collection has been accredited by LEED which confirms the proficiency of E-Stone in creating a high-quality and completely sustainable recycled surface.

Where to use it – Interior Design Tips

Grey is just about the most flexible colour for a kitchen. Cool greys, such as Dove Tail, look good with stainless steel, and brightly coloured accents, such as small appliances and mosaic splashbacks, which will help lift the mood.  Contrasting colours are energising, while complimentary colours are soothing.





Night Blue

This beautiful blue blend of recycled glass and quartz will make Night Blue your “go to” choice when seeking a pattern that evokes serenity and calm. Its brilliant glass reflections are reminiscent of twinkling stars in a clear, night sky. Night Blue contains up to 72% post-consumer recycled glass made from used lager, wine and mineral water bottles. It is aimed at the ‘eco chic’ marketplace, supported by our ‘recycled log’ which underpins this product environmental credentials. This product is extremely tough, heat, stain and scratch resistant, and sustainable.

Where to use it – Interior Design Tips

Night Blue is not restricted to worktops; it is also at home in the bathroom, shower, or a living space. Blue tones love the sun and natural light. Therefore, you can safely use it in rooms whose windows have southerly aspect. Dark blue kitchen worktops in combination with snow-white decoration and décor make a superb substitute to a more contrasting black kitchen.








Our Recycled glass collection, which comprises of reprocessed glass bottles and jars, has been accredited by LEED which confirms the proficiency of E-Stone in creating a high-quality and completely sustainable recycled surface.

Get the kitchen of your dreams without the hassle and cost of replacing your existing kitchen.  Resurface your worktops with top quality, customised worktops designed, made and installed by Granite and TREND Transformations.

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