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Is your kitchen prepped for the big day?

  • 3 minute read
  • Dec 1st, 2021

With just 25 days to go, what can you do to prepare your kitchen for that all important Christmas Dinner?

Our resident style guru Janet shares some practical insights as the countdown to Christmas begins…

1. Make some space

Clear away all that you won’t be needing.  Tidy those work surfaces to optimise the space you have for food preparation and cocktail creation.  If you’re like me and often have a pile of unopened mail, school notices or magazines hanging off the edge of your kitchen worktop, then set aside some time to read, clear and dispose of it all properly.  Recycle or file and be done with it!

2. Bring forth the winter dishes and plates

Whilst I’m in making space mode, I like to take this opportunity to organise my pantry cupboards and put the summer picnic and BBQ items to the rear (or in storage in the shed or garage), and bring forward the casserole dishes and serving plates I know will be getting more use out of in the coming months.

2. Check you have all the resources you may need

I rarely use tin foil throughout the year, preferring the more eco-friendly beeswax paper and glass pots for food storage. However, an extra-large roll of tin-foil is an absolute necessity for Christmas cooking.  From wrapping the turkey or nut roast to keep it warm to lining the baking tray for roast potatoes and keeping that ham or salmon fresh….we never have enough!  My tip is to sort through the larder cupboards now, checking that you have enough cornflour, cranberry sauce, nutmegs, bay leaves – whatever it is so don’t use often but most definitely need over the festive season!  And… while you’re there, dispose of the out-of-date bits and bobs that you may come across to free up some shelf space too!

3. Learn from the Christmas past

What was it last year that you needed to remember for this year?  For me it was a reminder to turn the aga up on Christmas eve as it needs an extra boost to cope with all the cooking it needs to do.  Perhaps it was to remind yourself not to overdo it on the bread sauce (that never gets eaten). Or, was it that stuffing balls rather than a tray bake of stuffing went down well?  Did you need more roasties (are there ever enough?!) Whatever it was – take a break, take a breath and write a list!

4. Bring in some new traditions

Over the years a few new festive traditions have crept in, elf on the shelf, the Christmas eve box, the extra special advent calendar and table gifts.  You might feel this is a good opportunity to add a new one or rethink your current ones for this year.  I love a table gift – usually something silly to get the conversation flowing and keep the younger guests occupied– an activity book, trivia cards or a set of festive novelty hats or spectacles for everyone!

5. Switch up the decor

I start to decorate the house for Christmas room by room. The kitchen is always my starting point and decorating the tree is always the last thing to get done.  In the kitchen, I start by clearing surfaces and sills and alcoves of the various things that have been ‘placed’ there over the year (and that are now gathering dust) and switch out and replace them with something decorative and festive. Sparkle lights and mini potted fir trees are my current favourites.


We hope this list of my 6 preparation tips helps you prep your kitchen to be a key part of the festivities…
If you feel like 2022 is the year you need a kitchen makeover – we would love to hear from you


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