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Is your sink and tap choice important when choosing your new kitchen?

  • 4 minute read
  • Mar 12th, 2020

The sink and tap are so often overlooked when it comes to designing your new kitchen.  However, the sink and tap can add a design statement and can also add to improved functionality within your kitchen space.  It is now so much more than just a utility item.    As with most things, technology has caught up with our simple taps to give interesting choices to enhance and set the tone for your kitchen and the standard kitchen sink is no more, they are now being referred to in the industry as the sink centre for reasons we hope to explain later in this blog.

The Kitchen Sink

First Decision – Functionality

The first and most important decision is how do I use my sink.  Do I need one large bowl for cleaning my baking trays and large frying pans?  Do I need a large bowl and a smaller bowl for rinsing items before placing them in the large bowl?

Do I have a small space where I need my sink to be lots of different things to me?  The Franke Box center combines a sink and accessories together.  During the day, accessories are easily accessible for food preparation because they are completely integrated in the main bowl. At night, the accessories can be safely stored in the compartment bowl and will dry entirely overnight.


Another example of a multifunctional sink system is the Blanco Etagon.  It is a multi-level bowl which creates a practical additional level. The Etagon comes with some rails that can be positioned on the step ideal for holding pans or steamers, into which you can transfer vegetables straight from the cutting board. The large bowl also makes it easy to clean cumbersome kitchenware such as baking trays.


Second Decision – Materials

What material do you want that will compliment your look and give you the functionality you require.  A stainless-steel sink can look lovely and is very easy to maintain, as it will not easy to chip or crack. Ceramic sinks are more traditional, and whilst a bit more care is needed, they can complete a traditional country look if that is what you are after.  The ceramic sink is no longer just a Belfast style they come in the same designs as standard stainless-steel sinks.  Composite sinks may perhaps fit your worktop better, being granite or quartz, which would integrate the sink more readily into your design.  The range of colours and styles is endless, the Franke Urban Fragranite sink is available in a wide range of trendy shades, including the NEW Orion Grey, Sage Grey or delicate Denim Grey.

Third Decision – Style

Style of sinks vary differently, with single and double bowls allowing for different styles of washing, and the more rural farmhouse sink can make a statement in some modern kitchens.  Would you like an undermount sink that sits neatly under the worktop and is usually matched with solid surfaces such as stone and wood.  Or an inset sink which usuall comes with a drainer and is most commonly installed into laminate worktops as it has a rim around the edge and sits nicely onto laminate worktops.


Fourth Decision – Accessories

As you have read the sink is no longer simply a place to wash up, it is also where people prep food.  There fore there are a number of practical accessories on the market such as chopping boards, colanders, drainers that work well with the sink to make your life easier.


The Kitchen Taps

Along with the sink the tap is no longer just a functional purchase.  When choosing your tap you can go through the same decision making process as the sink.

First Decision – Functionality

No longer does a tap just run hot and cold water.  Your kitchen tap is now capable of so much more!  The boiling water tap – a single tap that manages both hot, cold and boiling water. Eliminating the kettle saves worktop space and can be handled from a single tank that fits underneath the sink. Alternatively, a separate tap can be used for the boiling functionality.  There are now taps that an also provide you with filtered water and sparkling water.  Making plastic bottles of water a thing of the past.


The tap developments don’t stop there!


Taps come in a variety of colours and finishes.  From stainless steel to rose gold and ceramic to granite.  You can now match your sink and tap with the same material and colour if that takes your fancy.


The style can be selected to suit the look you are creating and help improve functionality.  A swan neck tap has a long neck to help fill tall vases or saucepans.  Pull out spray taps are also incredibly popular to help rinse or wash dishes.


If you are not sure what to choose why not let our inhouse design consultant help you.

Click here to view our range or to find a showroom near to you simply add your postcode here!  With a multitude of products and accessories, experienced design consultants and installation specialists, Granite & TREND Transformations is the one-stop place for kitchen makeovers. And, with a selection of showrooms nationwide, it’s easy to get in touch with one of the design consultants to find out how you can transform your kitchen the hassle-free way.

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