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Kitchen personality – The Cocktail Lover

  • 2 minute read
  • Aug 15th, 2022

There is nothing like a loooong summer of sunshine to bring out the love of cocktails and mocktails in all of us!

Now, you don’t have to have a cocktail lover’s kitchen to mix the perfect drink but we think the details here give some fabulous inspiration for any kitchen renovation.

Show your glamourous wares…

Whatever the cocktail, you will be needing a glass.  Why not display your eclectic mix of glassware and bottles in easy reach on open shelving – both stylish and practical.

Or even if hidden away is more your style, how about opening your cupboard doors to reveal glass shelving, beautifully lit so we can see, whatever time of the day (or night) the sparkle of those stylish glasses, cut or smooth.

Staying cool…

Installing a drinks fridge below the kitchen cabinet, not only provides a practical addition to your refrigeration space, but also creates an instant bar area.  Ideal to plan alongside that kitchen triangle (cooker, sink, fridge) as a connector to your eating/relaxing areas – and a great place to store your cocktail mixers too.

Reliving the 70s…

Cocktail lover’s kitchens need a place to mix and play!  If a permanent bar or drinks cabinet is not your style the bar trolley has become highly fashionable again over the last few years. We love the endless possibilities of the Luxe Round Bamboo Gold Drinks Trolley Bar Cart from Oliver Bonas.

Inspiration from the mix…

When we think of cocktail bars, from a décor perspective, there’s often a definite ‘cocktail’ vibe. Opulent, fun, creative – and so why not enable your kitchen décor to be the same.  Think opulent textures, not always from fabrics, but from splashbacks, mosaic and wall panelling too. Plush bar stools add comfort and bold colour to your design. And you can see from our styling, we have opted for coloured wood with brass or copper metallic accents.  You could also go light with chrome or silver and glass.  Fresh green from herb pots, a bowl of limes or the eponymous pot plant adds a bit of earthy vibrancy.

The perfect blend…

Whether in a central island, or a galley kitchen layout, our work surfaces are stain resistant, scratch resistant and durable, tough enough so that even when you’re slicing lemons, limes and oranges to enhance your Martinis or Negronis – it won’t cause a problem.

If you are a fellow cocktail lover – and thinking of renovating your kitchen using some of these ideas, the designers at your local showrooms are there waiting to help you get started.  Meanwhile… cheers, salud, cin cin, prost, skal, slainte and kanpai!

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Talk to your local showroom directly to find out more information about the S.M.A.R.T.E.R way to renovate or get a quote.

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