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Kitchen Personality – The Entertainer

It’s most definitely the time of year when ‘The Entertainer ‘within us comes out to play – as we start to plan for friends and family visits over the festive season.  The question is… is your kitchen and dining space ready for the challenge?

Here we’ve highlighted some of the kitchen renovation and storage solution transformations our GTT team have completed this year – getting our customers’ kitchens ‘entertainment’ ready!

Refreshments, whether alcoholic or not, are usually the first thing we like to offer guests.

Not all kitchens have the space to install their very own gin bar, so a drinks trolley or some open shelving can work brilliantly where space is tighter.  However, if a dedicated drinks cabinet is your thing, then as you can see, we can install one for you.  Mirrored back, glass shelves, internal lighting, drinks fridge or wine storage beneath, modern, or classic in style – whatever your taste, we will work with you to create a cabinet that will give your kitchen an edge – whether we’re turning an existing space into a drinks cabinet or starting from scratch.

A good amount of workspace for food prep is ideal when you are entertaining – as can be seen with the multi-level kitchen island we installed in this recent kitchen extension. Great for guests and hosts alike!  A long table with the flexibility of bench seating always means room for one more to squeeze in, ideal for planned or impromptu dinners with friends and family.

The Entertainer is likely to need a large double fridge. American style ones that provide plenty of space for additional nibbles – and of course they can often dispense both cold water and ice! Perfect for cocktails and mocktails.  As can be seen, a large free-standing appliance can seamlessly be integrated into the kitchen scheme.

To give a high-end feel to your kitchen, bring a section of the eye level cabinets down to worktop level. By installing an electric socket inside, you can also easily tidy away smaller appliances such as toasters and coffee machines – keeping the worktops clutter free.

And let’s not forget the all-important lighting. Entertaining in the winter is about creating that cosy, inviting atmosphere. Under Counter lighting and Sensio colour changing LED strips above or below units can really create lift the mood or chill the vibe, depending on your entertaining requirements.

If you are looking ahead to 2023 as the year to open your doors and let the guests flow in – then contact us to find out how we can transform your kitchen and give it a whole new persona!

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