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Life isn’t black and white….

  • 4 minute read
  • Nov 20th, 2019

November 2019

……it’s a million grey areas, don’t you find?”

Searching for new kitchen inspiration, not sure of what worktops or doors to choose?  Well look no further.  Looking at home interior trends and the vast array of leading websites and home interior publications, grey has been a staple for years. It’s natural; think concrete and slate centuries ago. And this gorgeous calming colour has, more recently, been chosen as a neutral, beautiful backdrop for many accent hues or feature walls and furniture in recent years.

In bathrooms and kitchens, the speciality areas for “the top that fits on top” worktop pioneer, Granite & TREND Transformations is playing with the versatility of grey and now boasts nine of the very best worktops and surfaces for your home, all under the “Grey Collection” banner.

There is no getting away from the popularity of white in the kitchen and bathroom – it makes perfect sense. While white is white when you are talking cabinets, baths and tiles, for example, it has left the design door open to create and play with non-intrusive and timeless greys. The combination means you can add colour in appliances, splashbacks, furniture, art………………

So what are the gorgeous grey surfaces on offer?

Venus Grey

Made from 78% post-consumer recycled glass, Venus Grey has a fine grain, highly consistent and modern finish, making it the ideal product for a luxury kitchen worktop or bathroom floor and wall covering. There is no need for periodic sealing or polishing, given this product is protected with our unique ForeverSeal® polymer resin, making it non-porous, stain, scratch and heat resistant.


Titan Grey

Titan Grey is engineered from granite quarried in Northwest Italy. This fine-to-medium grained granite is a wonderful canvas, pairing beautifully with nearly any of our splashback and cabinet combinations. The white base of this classic worktop colour blends white, grey, and black crystals to perfection. So, you can add bright colour pops for your finishing touches and bring your bathroom and kitchen back to life.


Dove Tail

Composed of quartz and recycled glass, Dove Tail contains a variety of medium grains with grey tones that provide a refined and traditional look to a kitchen or bathroom makeover project. Made from 72% post-consumer recycled glass the result is the look and feel of quartz, enhanced by reflections and refractions from the translucent glass chips. This strong and durable material gives a uniform, consistent finish that’s ideal for worktops, vanity tops, floor and wall cladding.


Pietra Serena

Pietra Serena is a grey sandstone surface which was used extensively for architectural details during the Renaissance period in Florence. It’s also known as “Macigno stone” and it can be found in Brunelleschi’s Pazzi Chapel and Michelangelo’s Medici Chapel in Florence. Our Pietra Serena engineered stone is a tribute to beautiful sandstone which inspired so many architects and their wonderful creations. A variety of the finest grains with beige, white and grey tones will give a refined and contemporary look to your renovations.


Portland White

Our Portland White selection was inspired by the clean, contemporary lines and repurposed decor of an industrial style. Composed of quartz, Portland White combines the contemporary look of concrete with the traditional appearance of stone. Ask our design consultants about matching our White Star stone with some of our world-famous mosaics.



Granite & TREND Transformations has a commitment to the environment which is at the core of the business. From using sustainable materials, including recycled glass made of 72% post-consumer waste, to using recycled and/or reusable packaging, the dedication to implementing processes that protect and preserve the planet are at the heart of Granite & TREND Transformations. In essence, they mine it, make it, install it.


The nature of the business enables homeowners to keep existing kitchens and bathrooms and simply update the look without worrying about the environmental impact. The old units become upcycled instead of contributing to landfill waste – 10 million other household items end up in landfill each year.

For inspiration why not take a look at what we have done for over 1 million happy customers!

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