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Kitchen Competition – The Transformation is Complete

If you have been following our stories you will have seen in November 2019 we launched our first ever new year new kitchen competition, where one winner would receive a full kitchen makeover worth £10,000. That lucky winner was Katrina from Colchester, who was in desperate need of a new kitchen. Here is a reminder of what her kitchen used to look like with her peeling cupboards doors and drawers that were falling apart.

Katrina was embarrassed of her broken doors and drawers and was desperate for a GTT Makeover!


After Granite and TREND Transformations came out to Katrina’s house for the initial design consultation and kitchen templating, Katrina picked the worktop, doors and other finishes she wanted to transform her kitchen. She selected our very popular Royal Ivory for her worktops and splash-back and Tullymore style doors in Ivory to create a light and bright hub of the home.


So our team got to work on fabricating and fitting Katrina’s kitchen right away.


Today we are thrilled to share Katrina’s kitchen transformation with you! By simply replacing her worktops, splash-back, doors, handles and drawers, we took her kitchen from dark to light and into this decade!

Take a look at this incredible transformation…










Just look at this incredibly light and bright space, with beautiful finishes and attention to detail. No need to rip out the old kitchen, our surfaces fit directly over the existing worktop and permanently bonded to the original, meaning there is no demolition and minimal downtime. Katrina’s kitchen was completed in just 3 days!

The total cost of this transformation was £10,656 and here is complete shopping list of what was used to install Katrina’s kitchen.


Happy Katrina with her new £10,000 kitchen. 

Changing your kitchen doors and worktops is a great way to create your new kitchen without the cost and hassle of starting all over again. It is quick and easy, with no hassle, no demolition and minimal disruption. You can reface rather than replace with truly breathtaking results!

Like what you see? It’s easy to get in touch with one of the design consultants to find out how you can transform your kitchen the hassle-free way.

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