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Open your doors to the 2020 kitchen trends

New colours, surface finishes, textures, and the latest design trends are what makes choosing your kitchen so exciting.  Why start over when you can makeover and create a brand new kitchen look and feel?  Here we take a look at the upcoming kitchen trends for 2020 to help you with your kitchen renovation inspiration.

Jayline Supergloss Dust Grey & Supermatt Cashmere


Kitchen Door Styles

When it comes to door styles J-Pull style doors continue to be the most popular.  J style is a handleless style that has a ‘J‘ shaped curve built into the top of the cabinet door or drawer front and is the ideal shape to pull it open. This creates a sleek modern look to your kitchen. True Handle less kitchens have grown in popularity over the last couple of years as the more modern kitchen style has become more popular.  The traditional Shaker style doors are now being installed as an alternative handless option, giving are starting to grow in popularity as a classical slant on what was initially a very modern and contemporary look.

Thornbury Graphite & Earl Grey


Kitchen Door Colours

Black has been a popular kitchen colour in the past years adding a dramatic statement to any kitchen.  Matt Black is now also a popular choice in kitchen accessories, everything from handles to taps to shelving systems and this trend looks to be continuing into kitchen doors for 2020.  Variations of Black Ash are coming through strongly as a design statement, with high definition surface textures and deep embossed woodgrain effects creating a fresh update on an 80`s staple.

Grey is still a hugely popular colour, and is becoming darker, from Dust Greys through to Graphite tones. This trend is continuing to develop and now we are seeing a whole palette of grey-toned colours being introduced to the kitchen.  Mixing these with strong colours in their own right; such as deep shades of PlumDark Green, and Navy Blue adds a real touch of individuality and style to your kitchen.

The warm colour of Taupe is another growing trend for the kitchen.  Pairing this with other warm colours such as soft yellow, pink or olive tan-brown tones of taupe pair well with other warm colours, particularly soft yellow, pink or olive tints.

Bella Matt Indigo Blue & Matt Dust Grey, Style Elland

The next step

If you would like to update your kitchen this year, why not download our brochure or let one of our specialists come and show you what can be done.  He will come to your home with samples of doors to look through and explain the full process to you, plus give you options on how you can also improve the functionality of your storage to make the most of the kitchen space you have.

Click here to view our range or to find a showroom near to you simply add your postcode here!  With a multitude of products and accessories, experienced design consultants and installation specialists, Granite & TREND Transformations is the one-stop place for kitchen makeovers. And, with a selection of showrooms nationwide, it’s easy to get in touch with one of the design consultants to find out how you can transform your kitchen the hassle-free way.

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